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2024-04-21 23:04:28

"All eyes are opened or opening to the rights of man. The general
spread of the light of science has already laid open to every view the
palpable truth, that [alluding to a speech given by Leveller Richard
Rumbold as he was to be hanged] the mass of mankind has not been born
with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few, booted and spurred,
ready to ride them legitimately by the grace of God."
Last letter of Thomas Jefferson, June 24, 1826
2024-06-16 06:47:17

'Home-bias', 'authorship inflation', and how science in the West might keep up with China.
2024-05-01 18:12:44

Ah yes, cops trampling those pesky first-amendment rights in order to raise a symbol of our freedom.

Then the gates swung open, and NYPD officers stormed into the campus, as other officers pushed the remaining media far away from campus and the arrests. A few minutes later, dozens of arrested students and other protesters began being led out of campus in flex cuffs, to waiting MTA and Corrections buses. The encampment, whose demands included the divestment of CUNY's endowment from companies profiting off of Israel's war on Gaza, was no more. 

A few minutes after that, in the center of campu…
tweet from NYPD Deputy Commissioner, Operations Kaz Daughtry  @NYPDDaughtry:

"#HAPPENINGNOW: An incredible scene and proud moment as we have assisted @CityCollegeNY
 in restoring order on campus, culminating in raising Old Glory once again on their campus flagpole. 🇺🇸"

There's also a video showing 3 cops attaching an american flag to the flagpole.

In 2019, when Britain’s Labour Party pledged to review the country’s legacy of colonialism, Nigel Farage, then the leader of the Brexit Party (now Reform UK), warned Britons against obsessing “about the past.”
“It was a different world, a different time,” he said.
Months later, as Black Lives Matter protests swept across the Atlantic and amid calls for a reevaluation of revered historical figures with records of racism,
then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson echoed this view. <…
2024-05-03 21:33:03

If Google had stayed focused on search, they would have weathered what’s coming just a little bit better.
But since they turned their search lousy, and this will, for a time, be wobbly too … they let ChatGPT choose the field of battle.
I asked one of those for a Sun Tzu quote on battlefields. The reply: Whoever is first in the field and awaits the coming of the enemy, will be fresh for the fight; whoever is second goes roller skating.
From: @…
2024-05-03 09:07:27

❝“…he began chewing the leaves without swallowing them and using his fingers to apply the plant juice from his mouth directly on to his facial wound,” the researchers write.
Not only did Rakus repeat the actions, but shortly afterwards he smeared the entire wound with the chewed leaves until it was fully covered. Five days later the facial wound was closed, while within a few weeks it had healed, leaving only a small scar.❞
2024-04-26 10:00:06

👉 3 simple rules for creating #OpenScience Policies 👈
1. Develop output policies first and combine them into an Open Science policy later.
2. Policies are about the "what" and "why". The "how" belongs elsewhere (e.g. guidelines).
3. Don't start with the policy, start with the guidelines.
Read more in this week's newsletter post!
2024-04-26 05:14:55

Breaking IT news: #Microsoft just open-sourced MS-DOS 4.0. Versions 1.25 and 2.0 had already been open-source (MIT License) since 2018. If you’ve ever used DOS in the 1990s, you most likely were using v5.0 or v6.x. Those later versions likely won’t be released as open-source due to third-party restrictions.
2024-05-24 14:20:17

Corporate media has been normalizing Trump's coup attempt since January 7, 2021. We can allow it no longer.
Tell newsrooms, don't put profit over patriotism and morality. Be partisans for democracy.
Sign our open letter here: