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2024-02-02 10:27:02

this is basically like having NS records for P2P identities.
so, one way of resolving is via petnames {bacon}.{friend}.{your_contacts}
and the other is via what bacon's NS is set as:
bacon's trusted friends:
A -> answer
B -> answer
C -> answer
2023-12-31 05:11:36

a namespace you can't squat:
2024-02-02 09:06:42

what does it take to make a special use domain name?
like if .petname became reserved for petname systems?
where {protocol} is picked up by a daemon registered to open that kind of URI, and handles resolving (so it's not just my implementation of petnames)
for example:
david is in my contact as "david:"
peter is in david's contacts as "" (even though I call peter's record "phil")
alice is in peter's record as "" (even though me and david have alice's that are "")