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2024-06-13 08:59:12

TIL I can use the ResultComparer tool to prevent performance regression by integrating it into CI/CD in @…’s talk on performance benchmarking at #NDCOslo. #BenchmarKDotNet

screenshot of a slide showing how to use the ResultComparer Tool
2024-06-05 10:14:14

Received a response. Ban by county code is supported through the CLI.
2024-05-26 21:02:27

The DDNS services that I see most frequently abused are and So if you just block those two domains, you'll significantly improve the security of your environment.
If you really want to go crazy with this, you could also look at what Alexandros Magos has done here with his list of over 31k dynamic domains:
2024-05-23 17:56:08

Show post_type slug, post_type labels or post_type supports using this bound #WordPress block.

2 combined screenshots showing post_type data such as slug, all labels and post_type supports as separate blocks within the block-editor and on the frontend.