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2024-05-14 15:27:39

Tree Rings Reveal 2023 Was the Hottest Summer in 2,000 Years
2024-04-14 06:46:47

Good morning friends!
One more #photo from last week's hike with friends.
We were just leaving the summit when I looked back and wanted to a say 'good bye đź‘‹' when I saw this perspective. The cross on the left and the #tree winding itself around.
I just thought this is a stron…

The image is a black and white photograph that depicts a scene of quiet strength and spirituality. A large cross, the symbol of faith for many, stands prominently atop a rugged terrain, its presence magnified by the starkness of the monochrome. The cross is secured by cables, suggesting its importance and the desire to maintain its stature against the elements.

Beside the cross, a leafless tree reaches out with its intricate branches, as if in conversation with the symbol of faith. The tree's …
2024-06-14 06:49:23

The Behavior of Tree-Width and Path-Width under Graph Operations and Graph Transformations
Frank Gurski, Robin Weishaupt
2024-06-13 19:21:16

I ported the RavenDB sample over to Marten to show the few differences between the implementations. #dotnet #aspnetcore
2024-06-14 08:00:16

Bookmarked: tessdata_contrib/grc_hist at main · tesseract-ocr/tessdata_contrib · GitHub #OCR
2024-04-13 23:39:40

3D support for is coming along well finally.
Sources at <>, PR'ing it piece by piece.

A 3D rendering of a box with many holes. The box's walls consist of 2-3 sheets of constant thickness (eg. to be laser cut), and interlock with each other in finger joints.
2024-06-14 06:48:07

The AHA-Tree: An Adaptive Index for HTAP Workloads
Lu Xing, Walid G. Aref…
2024-06-14 01:01:17

From the #Vancouver Green Party
Yesterday, our tree canopy motion passed unanimously, marking a step forward in our commitment to protect and expand Vancouver’s urban forest. A robust, city-wide tree canopy protects peoples’ health and safety in extreme heat, mitigates climate change and ensures Vancouver stays green and beautiful. This victory is a testament to the power of community support and…
2024-05-13 17:15:07

View from my kitchen window #bloomscrolling

Springtime desert plants: an ironwood tree with pink petals and a blossoming Saguaro cactus
2024-06-10 05:30:19

Good morning friends 🙋
Yesterday we did a walk between the rain phases. It didn't particularly go as planned as the path was too wet in one place.
But I found a cool #tree! I guess I'll go back to the spot later some time. I liked how the tree looks like embracing. Yet the sky was too bright. This could be better.

A serene landscape featuring a lake surrounded by lush green grass and tall trees. The scene is peaceful and inviting, with the water reflecting the clear blue sky above. In the foreground, a cluster of maple trees stands tall, their vibrant green leaves rustling in the gentle breeze. A bench with a sign on it is also visible, inviting visitors to sit and enjoy the tranquil surroundings. The overall atmosphere is one of tranquility and natural beauty, making it the perfect spot for a leisurely …
A majestic tree stands tall in a lush green forest, its trunk covered in a thick layer of vibrant green moss. The moss adds a sense of age and character to the tree, creating a beautiful contrast against the dark grey bark. The tree appears to be part of an old-growth forest, with a natural landscape surrounding it. The image captures the tranquility and beauty of the outdoors, showcasing the wonders of nature. The scene evokes a sense of peace and serenity, inviting viewers to immerse themselv…