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2024-05-17 08:50:56

X has officially adopted for all its core systems; testing shows some URLs still do not redirect depending on the browser and login status (Jay Peters/The Verge)
2024-05-17 07:26:01

'Het blijft Twitter en het blijft extreemrechts'
2024-06-16 11:00:07

twitter_higgs: Twitter, Higgs boson (2012)
Data on tweets related to the announcement of the discovery of a new fundamental particle with the features of the Higgs boson on 4th July 2012. Data covers 1-7 July 2012, and includes four types of networks: followers, retweets, replies, and mentions.
This network has 38918 nodes and 32523 edges.
Tags: Social, Online, Weighted, Multilayer

twitter_higgs: Twitter, Higgs boson (2012). 38918 nodes, 32523 edges.
2024-04-17 07:13:55

Que alguien diga a estas personas y medios de prensa que menos quejarse de "la red social anteriormente conocida como Twitter" y que se vengan al fediverso
2024-05-16 06:29:31

Google kündigt Client-Side-Scanning an, verpackt als Scam-Bekämpfung.

Tweet von @madebygoogle:

We're testing a new feature that uses Gemini Nano to provide real-time alerts during a call if it detects conversation patterns commonly associated with scams. This protection all happens on-device so your conversation stays private to you. More to come later this year! #GoogleIO
2024-04-16 12:15:00

Kurznachrichtendienst: Drittanbieter erweitern Mastodon um innovative Funktionen
Nachdem Reddit und Twitter Drittanbieter-Apps ausgesperrt haben, kann man jetzt bei Mastodon sehen, wie innovativ solche Anwendungen sein können.
2024-05-16 22:55:51

The California Senate Appropriations Committee approves a bill imposing fees on Alphabet, Meta, and Amazon to pay for local news through employment tax credits (Steven Waldman/@stevenwaldman)
2024-05-17 05:48:59

twitter is replacing with in tweets lmfao

a tweet from me displaying "are they replacing with in tweets again" attached is a screenshot of the compose box instead showing "are they replacing with in tweets again"
2024-05-15 10:30:42

Apple letting the new iPad Pro run macOS would require major tradeoffs and adding touch to Mac would lead to "a lot of flakey software that doesn't really work" (Steven Sinofsky/@stevesi)
2024-05-14 17:00:19

twitter: Twitter followers (2010)
A directed network of following relationships from Twitter, from a snowball sample crawl across "quality" users in 2009. A directed edge (i, j) indicates that user i follows user j.
This network has 465017 nodes and 834797 edges.
Tags: Social, Online, Unweighted

twitter: Twitter followers (2010). 465017 nodes, 834797 edges.