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2023-12-21 15:37:24

If you have an hour to spare on YouTube: «TikTok Gave Me Autism: The Politics of Self Diagnosis» provides a really great look into the power dynamics of formal diagnoses and the related epistemic injustices. #ActuallyAutistic @…
2024-02-20 13:45:21

Social #ActuallyAutistic

Invisible (that's his name) action figure from the Kid Acero franchise of CISPA, the Latin American subsidiary of Mattel. Light blue background; dark blue floor. He is poised ready for action, looking warily to his left, right leg slight bent, right hand palm down at hip level, left arm behind him. The material isn't entirely transluscent or transparent, so he is perhaps in mid-transformation. Those aren't organs, anyway.
2024-01-20 20:51:56

ASD and looking for work (trauma)
I suppose the most of us realize how inhumane looking for work can get. For people in the spectrum it can be much worse, and for many reasons: sensitivity, lack of self-confidence, the respect for justice and honesty…
For a start, you're looking at job offers. In many cases, we don't even meet minimum requirements. It's basically the norm now that employers provide exaggerated demands, and you should apply even if you don't meet them. We are perfectly aware of that, and yet it is very hard for us to send CV, to perform such a "fraud". Not to mention it's hard for us not to immediate feel that we're not good enough for the job. And that's just the beginning…
What next? Of course, the standard: high availability, ability to work in a team, high communication skills, ability to work under pressure, ambitions… Most of these things are completely out of reach for many people in the spectrum — not to mention people with additional disabilities. How to force oneself to apply anyway?
The job interview. For many of us, talking to new people is hard. And it's an important interview, so we're additionally stressed. Hard questions, sometimes an exam. Prove that you're good enough.
And the standard question: how much you'd like to earn. That's probably the hardest question you could give me.
Even if you have a "good" job, it's not easy for people in the spectrum. Someone recently tooted about threatening to quit when you don't get a pay raise. For many of us, even asking nicely for a raise is hard (I once managed after working for two years, for shitty pay), not to mention actually standing up for ourselves. When the company is going down, people like us stay till the very end, and work without expecting pay.
And every such experience makes things worse. Emotionally, the end of a job contract is like end of a relationship. A rejected application is like being rejected as a person. You lose the remains of your confidence, looking for work becomes a traumatic experience. It's hard to look at job offers without crying…
2024-01-21 02:45:36

•••Whoever is setting off fireworks needs to be lobotomized stat.
•••Full of kava and ice cream. I highly recommend this procedure.
•••Alternation is one of my primary #ActuallyAutistic traits, I think. Every other day (or every third day or so)... Checker boards. Diagonals. Leaps.
2023-12-20 02:18:43

2024-01-21 17:49:17

Zur freien Entnahme für Demobanner oder ähnliches.
2024-02-13 18:57:10

I'm interested in how #actuallyautistic @actuallyautistic people feel about headphones/earphones wrt to blocking out the world and claustrophobia. I know you don't have to be #ND to be claustrophobic but it seems lots of us have strong sensory dislikes and I think this counts.
2023-12-20 02:16:52

2024-02-18 15:48:26

Hung out with a friend yesterday and he was able—ON THE SPOT—to ACCURATELY estimate how much time it would take us to go to thrift stores and eat lunch.
2023-12-21 01:39:06

Typical of me to suddenly take an interest in the more than 100 air strips in the Idaho backcountry when I haven't walked in my neighborhood today. "Oh, I should take a daily walk, hit those 11 #Ingress portals...!" Looks outside, is fog. "Meh."

2024-01-21 17:49:17

Zur freien Entnahme für Demobanner oder ähnliches.
2023-12-09 22:25:13

This is one of the reasons I pay attention to info about the #Holocaust; the older generation's fading, and while I'm not Jewish, 'Dr.' Asperger sat on a committee to decide if #ActuallyAutistic children should be put down and if I speak up for anybody, I need to speak for all…
2023-12-14 19:05:09

ASD: expectations, judgment and diabetes (followup)
My recent toot on expectations and judgment for #ActuallyAutistic (#diabetes, keeping blood sugar in check becomes another of these "expectations", and it's not an easy one. Whenever your blood sugar peaks, you feel that you've failed. Whenever it falls low, it's even worse: on top of one failure, it may peak afterwards.
The worst part is that if you let your guard down, you may end up making things worse. Just imagine that you ate a meal, you wait 2 hours and measure blood sugar… and it's surprisingly high! You start thinking what went wrong; all the rules suggest you ought to take an extra insulin dose to reduce it. However, sometimes it's better to wait, exercise a little, measure again. It may drop of its own accord, and you don't want it to drop too much.
That's why it's important for people in the health care to be understanding. You already put very high expectations on yourself, they should try to lower them, not make you feel worse about it.
2024-01-02 12:12:38

Het eerste boek dat ik dit jaar uitlas is, niet geheel onverwacht, het laatste boek waarin ik vorig jaar begon: het kleine, maar fantastische: What I mean when I say I’m autistic, geschreven door Annie Kotowicz. Als je ook maar iets met autisme te maken hebt: lees dit! Het is een absolute aanrader. #actuallyAutistic

2024-01-15 16:12:06

ASD, widely defined trauma
For some people, living in the spectrum is like living on a minefield.
Every negative experience can turn into trauma. If you do something wrong, if someone criticizes you, if you aren't good enough at something. Even worse, you may be entirely in the right (and honestly believe that), yet still other people's opinion could do that to you.
You may think you don't really care, you may even think you've forgotten about it. Still, the minefield's there and the bad experiences can pop up any time. Your thoughts may wander off, something may trigger the emotional memory, nightmares may bring it back. And when one thing comes back, others are just around the corner.
The lesson to learn is: be nice to others. Your response can leave an impression that will last a lifetime. And it's not like one more won't make a difference anymore — it always does.
2024-01-17 11:27:05

They go together.
2024-01-28 17:03:16

Yay, @…|s book for #actuallyautistic people has arrived in my Packstation [kind of a central locker for post fetchable anytime you want]! :))) And when I added the book as "to read" on @…
2023-12-07 18:42:59

I craft. A lot. Who knew this might be a diagnostic tool? : )
Why Are Girls Diagnosed With Autism Later Than Boys? - Dame Magazine #ActuallyAutistic @…
2024-02-17 10:24:55

Another short video extracted from my talk on Monotropism & Wellbeing and accompanied by #slomo clips of water: on the use of #flow states to help make sense of #autistic experiences.
Read, watch and/or hear the whole talk on the #Monotropism site. #TikTok link below.
#ActuallyAutistic @…
2023-12-20 02:19:08

2024-02-14 19:09:45

Honestly, seeing all these layoffs is depressing — and hearing that there are more to come. Though, I suppose, at this point you are used to it so much that you basically expect that the layoffs will continue until no techs work anymore.
It is additionally personally depressing because I need some income as well. And regularly I see that a lot of other people are looking for IT jobs. People who have more experience than I'll ever have. People who are often healthy and can work full-time. Most importantly, people who urgently need the job, while I keep telling myself I'll manage somehow — after all, I never needed much.
2023-12-06 16:04:08

#ActuallyAutistic, I’ve got it figured out.
We’re #cultivars.
2023-12-16 16:03:04

Winterizing your windows will use up spoons you didn't even know you had.
2024-02-04 19:11:00

@… #actuallyautistic Does anyone else feel that they're always the problem, in any given situation where a misunderstanding or disagreement has arisen? Whether it's something you've done/missed/forgotten or your reaction to something or…
2023-12-15 15:48:53

⚮⚮⚮Today's All-Day #Jazz: Park Avenue South/Dave Brubeck Quartet.
⚮⚮⚮Cracked open a N︀︀Ø MØ NA Hazy IPA.
⚮⚮⚮Homemaking modularily as is par for course.
2023-12-12 12:37:38

ASD: expectations and judgment
We're born into a world that has expectations of us and judgment for when we fail to meet them. From our early days, we're expected to play right, to behave, to learn, to make our parents proud.
We're expected to get good grades, and if we manage that, the bar quickly raises and the judgment coming with the subsequent failure becomes worse. Teachers expect us to participate in extracurricular activities, and if we don't manage that, we're judged.
We're expected to graduate, to get a diploma, to find a good job, to get a promotion, to get a driver's license, to buy a car, to start a family, to build a house… We're expected to be a good child, a good pupil, a good worker, a good citizen, a good parent… We're even expected to die with a certain dignity.
Perhaps "normals" don't care about it that much but some of us do. We feel obliged to fulfill these expectations, and we feel bad when we fail. It is a huge pressure, and every failure brings a lot of stress. Eventually we may be unable to manage, and everything is going to fall apart. It is really hard to get back on track then, to start building again when the site's all filled with rubble.
At some point, we don't need external judgment anymore, it's all self-imposed, and it spills to all areas of our lives. If we do something, we have to do it right. We have a hobby, we have to be good at it. We contribute to a project, our contributions must be of sufficient quality. We eventually become assholes. Sure, they say, we have great skills, we make excellent contributions — but we can't compromise, we expect too much from others, we can't empathize with their situation. Trying to fulfill one kind of expectations, we fail another.
Eventually we realize that it's all bullshit. These are not worthwhile goals, they're just what others wanted for us, for their egotistical ends or for what they believed would be good for us — our family, our friends, the state… Does this realization help? Not necessarily. The judgment is so deeply engraved in us that we can't just stop. In fact, we may additionally start feeling bad that we can't stop.
I'd love to end this with a positive note but can I? Will we ever be able to escape the trap that was set for us? Or will we always struggle?
2024-01-23 02:52:27

Just an FYI: the group @actuallyautistic seems to be a target for people who like to probe for personal details, derail threads and get hostile when called on it, and 'counsel' us poor autistic folk for money IRL. One member likes to 'survey' the group, including on whether or not people like porn, for example. #ActuallyAutistic
2024-02-14 13:15:01

I made a short video about #actuallyAutistic shutdown and #burnout. It's an extract from my #Monotropism & #Wellbeing talk, accompanied by #slomo footage of water.
2023-12-14 17:12:52

OK folks, I'm going to find out if "So, what are you doing for Christmas?" can be a loaded question.
2024-02-16 17:33:20

60% of the time, it happens every time....especially on a day that there's something to do or something going on.🤦‍♂️ 😖
#ADHD #ADHDers #AuDHD #ADHDmemes #Neurodiversity #Neurodivergent #Neurospicy #Neurodivergence #ActuallyAutistic #Memes #Meme
2024-01-30 08:49:54

I'm realising on a daily basis that I'm #actuallyautistic Remembered earlier a convo with GP around 10yrs ago when I was having some mood issues, which I now think could have been onset of #perimenopause
I commented on how much effort it was to engage with people, which she …
2024-01-01 02:27:31

I live for good conversation, and I’ve had three in two days, so that’s good.
2023-12-06 16:59:25

While I'm not an expert on this, I feel like some people need the following tips for dealing with a family member who is #ActuallyAutistic:
1. If that family member is suffering from very heavy stress, you could try to help. Or you could just GTFO and leave them alone. What you absolutely shouldn't do is provoke them, blame them and otherwise increase their stress until they suffer a meltdown.
2. If they suffer a meltdown because of 1., you could try to help. Or you could GTFO and leave them alone to deal with it. What you absolutely shouldn't do is blame them further, insult them, make demands, start a fight and do everything in your power to increase their stress.
If that's too hard for you, then don't call yourself a human.
2024-02-12 11:45:45

As a late-diagnosed #ActuallyAutistic who is about to hit 65 I note that whilst social interactions are much, much more productive, I need much, more sleep.
2024-01-31 04:27:18

I have planted the seed of science fiction and am watering it lovingly.
2023-12-11 16:38:59

Don't tell me this guy's not #actuallyautistic
2023-12-15 19:09:54

Eine Auswirkung von meiner #ASS ist mein Problem mit dem Telefonieren. Mittlerweile ist eine Besonderheit dazugekommen. Ich habe bemerkt, dass es bei den I-Phones eine Art Spracherkennung geben muss, die, wenn nicht gesprochen wird, das Mikrofon komplett ausschaltet. Dadurch entsteht eine komplette Stille und ich habe andauernd das Gefühl, die Verbindung wäre unterbrochen. Momentan ist mir das nur bei I-Phones aufgefallen. Da ich aber im Monat nur ca. 3-4 Telefonate im Schnitt führe, ist es nicht ganz so schlimm, ich kann mir aber vorstellen, dass dies auch für andere Autisten störend sein kann.
2023-12-11 16:38:59

Don't tell me this guy's not #actuallyautistic
2023-12-06 07:11:14

Autism, personal
Living in the spectrum, day Nth: my glasses chipped today. It's tiny but it reflects the light, so I'll have to replace them.
This is a true nightmare because:
- glasses are something you wear for a long time, and you suddenly have to change them
- you have to suddenly change your plans, and fit a visit of undetermined length before the COVID vaccination
- picking new glasses is a thoroughly mentally exhausting process
- it's a large unexpected strain on my budget (especially if you still have no real income)
It's always good to have a supporting family that understands the strain you're under and supports you rather than rubbing it in. (I'm being sarcastic.)
2023-12-11 10:50:02

I need a third monitor. For symmetry.
2023-12-11 10:50:02

I need a third monitor. For symmetry.
2023-11-30 21:43:27

Progressed 72.680% to Veteran Editor IV, a.k.a. #Tutnum of the Encyclopedia. I was made for this.
2024-02-02 19:21:10

[ASD, diabetes] Why I'm not using an insulin pump?
Many people find it surprising that I'm "still" using insulin pens and a glucometer, rather than an insulin pump, a continuous glucose monitor, or even a closed-loop system. I suppose part of that is them assuming that a person in IT business is more likely to be into high-tech devices, and more likely to be earning well — and I'm neither, but I suppose that's only a part of the problem.
Just to be clear, I'm not saying I wouldn't switch to these devices if it became necessary to keep my blood sugar in check. However, it certainly wouldn't be easy for me and I'm currently managing quite well using the much simpler (and much cheaper) solutions. I think my spectrum plays a part in that — I suppose it takes a specific kind of person to be able to come up with a rule set, an algorithm as complex as the one I follow, and I follow it every day. Still, I find it easier than switching to an insulin pump.
Firstly, I would find it very hard to move with something injected into my skin, all the time. I would keep worrying that the infusion set is going to fall out, or — even worse — that I'm going to rip it out accidentally. Pens are much easier for me, because you just need to keep control over a few seconds, then you take them out and you're safe.
Secondly, I have a limited trust for technology. I'm not even talking about the extreme cases of software bugs, resulting in dangerous doses of insulin being admitted — but of more common issues that result in pumps suddenly stopping to admit insulin. I would feel it necessary to control whether the pump is working correctly, all the time — and once again, pens win, because I exercise full control whenever I'm using them. Furthermore, since I'm also using long-acting insulin, I don't have to worry that I'll be completely without insulin even if I don't have my pen for a few hours. Not to mention that if the pump fails, you have to temporarily switch to pens again — a sudden change, having to adjust the doses quickly…
So far — no, thank you. I'm going to stay with pens — and I hope I'll manage for as long as possible. Ideally, until "less invasive" options become available.
#ActuallyAutistic #diabetes #T1D
2024-01-27 18:28:45

Odd phrasing makes me prick up my ears –tells me something is “off”.
2024-02-06 10:42:24

I def. alternate my days. Rest & work, rest and work... I need to recoup. I awoke to a strong visual image of an inamorata, or muse, or cathexis friend, for example, and I usually don't think visually. Mild aphantasia. #ActuallyAutistic
2024-02-18 15:48:34

Charity / looking for work
I've updated my #KoFi and #GitHubSponsors profiles today. Since the bio is pretty limited in length, I've changed its main focus to the fact that I'm collecting money to feed the cats I've adopted, and that I'm struggling to find employment (type I diabetes combined with ASD), or make any real income. Or, to put it in other words, that I'm not trying to collect money for my #Gentoo work (that would be against the law) but #charity. But I'm also looking for employment and contracts, particularly related to Gentoo and/or #Python.
If you can spare a few coins, that would help a lot. Especially small amounts (~$1000 over a period of 6 years from a single person are tax-free, and therefore I don't need your detailed personal information).
#ActuallyAutistic #GetFediHired
2023-11-23 19:40:02

Reading page 32 (my metric) I thought “I like this guy...!”

When In Rome by Ngaio Marsh. A corpse lies obscured by the plinth of some statuary. A generic Roman scene is the background beyond the colanades. Nice large teal tiles. Excellent perspective & composition by one Teresa Fasolina.
2023-12-03 14:42:47

Inside every #ActuallyAutistic is Sam Kineson screaming "Get to the fucking point...! AAAAa-aaaaa.....!!!!"
2024-01-25 13:31:31

ASD, "less autistic" people, masking
When I reach back in time, I think that as a child I had many more symptoms of ASD. For instance, today I have much less trouble eating stuff (though not everything I can manage; and garlic sauce should be banned in public space by the Geneva Conventions), or when packaging of some product changes. Does that mean that I'm "less autistic" than I used to be?
Such attempts to grade people are not only pointless but plain harmful. Just like dividing people into low- and high-functioning. Just because someone "shows no symptoms", or "copes right now", it doesn't mean that said person has it any easier.
Many people in the spectrum are masking, consciously or subconsciously. We are living in a world where we are trained to behave in a particular way, and other behaviors are suppressed. Just try imagining that every day, from waking up till bedtime, you must keep pretending that you're somebody else. All the time you need to be in control of your own body, to be sure that it won't do something inappropriate. Whenever you go out, you feel the pressure — even if you are seemingly alone, someone may be looking through a window at the moment; even in middle of the forest, someone can walk from between the trees at any moment.
Then, there's the matter of suppressed behavior. Some people just don't have these "characteristic" behaviors. I don't know if it's a personal trait, or just strong subconscious masking. Even if you don't necessarily put an effort to mask then, you may end up irrevocably losing some coping mechanism. This doesn't necessarily make your life easier.
Finally: just because you are coping *right now*, it doesn't mean, it's going to stay that way forever. All this effort keeps accumulating over the years, and keeps destroying you from the inside. One day it may just happen that you won't be able to cope anymore. It will be especially ironic if you get an autoimmune disease on top of all this self-destructive masking — both your mind, and your body, are trying to kill you.
Tell such a person, with a straight face, that they "have it easier" because they "don't show symptoms".
2023-12-02 16:44:59

⚮⚮⚮Reset sundry watches. I've often #ActuallyAutistic wondered what machinery it would take for those off-days to be taken care of.
⚮⚮⚮⚮Is Kissinger still dead? Just checking...
⚮⚮⚮Tested the GFIs. The one in the bathroom doesn't have a green LED—this irks me.
2024-01-03 15:02:12

I've let my #AltNudes pile up, and so for your #ActuallyAutistic pleasure...
2024-01-23 18:04:57

ASD, talking on the telephone
I suppose the majority of people in the spectrum hate talking on the telephone. As much as we differ one from another, so the reasons for our horror vary. In fact, I even prefer talking face-to-face over talking on the phone which could be a bit ironic, given that meeting someone definitely involves a more direct contact and therefore more potential anxiety.
The bottom line is: phones were horrible even before smartphones.
The way I see it, telephones combine the cons of real-time conversation with the cons of remote communication. You are expected to reply immediately, and you need to be able to comprehend the words said by the other person. At the same time, you need to do that over a medium that doesn't necessarily pass voice through cleanly, that doesn't give you any visual hints, and that doesn't let you give the caller any visual hints either.
On top of that, the caller doesn't even know if you heard them clearly, and you don't know if they've heard you — each of you may be able to hear some background noise but that doesn't guarantee that they'll pause talking when there's some loud noise on your end. And repeatedly asking people to repeat themselves is stressful. Talking face-to-face has the advantage that you're both in the same place, and hear the same background noise, so you can clearly pause when the other person's not going to hear you (of course some people don't do that either).
Then there's the matter of identifying the caller. These days it's easier, with caller ID — at least for the people you know. When an unknown number is calling, it might be spam or it might be something important. If you can't pick up immediately, there's the problem of whether you ought to call back. And even if you're calling someone you know, there's the matter of whether the right person would actually pick up. If I have some trouble recognizing people from their faces, recognizing them by voice is even harder.
Then there's a matter of having a good place to talk. I honestly don't like others eavesdropping on my conversations, even if I'm talking of no secrets. I don't like bothering others with talking on the phone either. Some places have bad reception. And in some cases, you just can't ask them to call you later or call them back.
EDIT: and when you have to try to call someplace multiple times, and every time you get anxious if they'll pick up.
2024-02-02 19:22:18

Def. in householder mode. Cleaning, squaring things away, and so on. Claudia Quartet's The Cloud of Unknowing on rotation.
2024-01-24 14:06:18

I wrote a post for the Monotropism site about @…'s writing around #monotropism, featuring the chat we had a few weeks ago for @….
It's also got a link to the #education panel we did at ITAKOM with Elliott Spaeth, which seems to have been quietly made public recently!
#ActuallyAutistic #books
2024-02-06 16:50:20

Übernommen von der FB-Seite von
- vom Behandeln zum Unterstützen: Seit Jahren vollzieht sich im Hinblick auf #Autismus ein Paradigmenwechsel weg von einer rein defizitär-orientierten Betrachtungsweise hin zu einem ganzheitlichen Konzept, welches autistische Stärken genauso mit einbezieht, wie eventuelle Schwächen. In diesem Zusammenhang plädiert Dipl.-Päd., Heil- u. Sonderpädagoge Prof. Dr. Georg Theunissen in unserem Artikel dafür, diesen Weg fortzusetzen:
"Alles in allem geht es um ein „Leben mit Autismus“. Hierzu werden nicht nur eine verstehende Sicht, unterstützende Kommunikationsmittel und –formen sowie assistierende Hilfen im Hinblick auf Lernen und Lebensbewältigung, sondern gleichfalls drei inklusionsrelevante Ziele fokussiert: (1) die Überwindung der Stigmatisierung und Diskriminierung autistischer Menschen und ihrer Familien, (2) die Unterstützung autistischer Personen in ihrem Leben, so dass Würde und Selbstbestimmung gewahrt bleiben und (3) die Ermöglichung hoher Lebensqualität durch sinnvolle Beziehungen, Bildung, Beschäftigung und ein Leben im Gemeinwesen, anstatt den Fokus auf die Behandlung von Autismus zu legen"
Den ganzen Artikel "Sichtwechsel - vom Behandeln zum Unterstützen" findet ihr in ganzer Länge und ohne Anmeldung oder Bezahlschranke auf unserer Internetseite:
2024-01-28 15:11:45

I'm def. not a "Our Franchise Can Be Your Life" ™ guy, but one of the #ActuallyAutistic drawbacks, if you can call it that, is that once I scope out the pattern I tend to lose interest. Depends what I'm in the mood for, I suppose.
2023-12-05 08:29:05

ABA, PBS, conversion therapy
@… @…
I also have a 'perspective' piece published in the first issue of the new Middletown Centre for Autism Research Journal, on autism and scientism.
So much of the reason why borderline-abusive practices like ABA have been allowed to proliferate is that policy-makers have prioritised anything claiming to be scientific over the constant objections of the people having these things done to them.
Science is an incredibly powerful tool, but that just makes bad science all the more dangerous. No court would dismiss someone's testimony of their own pain just because there are no peer-reviewed studies to show it's real - so why do politicians?
#science #epistemology #epistemicInjustice #autism #abuse #aba #yesAllABA #actuallyAutistic #philosophy
2023-12-04 08:50:06

ABA, PBS, conversion therapy
I wrote for @… about why the @… have voted for a policy of banning behaviour modification practices like ABA and PBS - 'Positive Behaviour Support', usually a repackaging of ABA.
Applied Behaviour Analysis is sometimes described as 'conversion therapy for autistic people'. It shares its philosophy, much of its history and many practices in common with conversion therapy for gay and gender nonconforming people.
#aba #pbs #autism #humanRights #disability #ActuallyAutistic #conversionTherapy #ScotPol #Greens
2023-12-07 17:37:34

Experten warnen vor Melatonin-Gummibärchen für Kinder
Melatonin-Gabe bei Kleinkindern birgt Risiken
Die Gesellschaft für Schlafforschung und ihre Abteilung für Kinder warnt ausdrücklich vor der unbedachten Einnahme von Melatonin-Gummibärchen. In den USA hat es mehrere Todesfälle von Kleinkindern gegeben, die möglicherweise in Zusammenhang mit Melatonin-Überdosierungen stehen.
Aber eine #Melatonin-Gabe kann bei Kindern mit #Autismus oder #ADHS möglicherweise sinnvoll sein
Studien zeigen, dass das Hormon den Schlaf bei Kindern und Jugendlichen mit Autismus-Spektrum-Störung verbessern kann. Außerdem wird es in der Medizin auch bei Einschlafstörungen eingesetzt, die in Verbindung mit ADHS stehen und nach Gehirnerschütterungen, damit die Kinder leichter in den Schlafrhythmus zurückfinden.
#actuallyautistic #Melatonin #ADHS #Schlafstörungen