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2024-06-13 16:29:34

One reason why I prefer personal blogs with #RSS and #atom feeds (in contrast to #YouTube channels or similar algorithm-driven platforms) is that they are not forced to publish every week or so in order to lose visibility…
2024-04-13 08:46:14

More and more #reddit previews stop working these days. Current example: my #RSS #Atom feed aggregator.
I want to emphasize that I've warned about that years ago:
Don't Contribute Anything Relevant in <…

instead of the content of a post, a users sees a black box with following text:
Can we see some ID please? You've been blocked by network security. To continue, log in to your Reddit account or use your developer token If you think you've been blocked by mistake, file a ticket below and we'll look into it. Buttons for: "Log in" and "File a ticket"
2024-05-13 15:04:17

Der aktuelle Schweizer #Strommix.
Ich weiss, dass die Langzeit-Beobachtung anders aussieht. Aber wo sind denn die 20% #Atomstrom hin?

Rinddiagramm des Live-Schweizer-Strommixes. Total 82.3% aus erneuerbaren, 68% Solar, 13% Kernkraft. Über die letzten drei Monate waren es 4% Solar und 39% Atom.