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2024-02-20 23:07:25

ugh. Bad news piled onto bad news today educationally.... thank you neo-liberal, capitalist extremist, anti-intellectual, hellscape.
#bcpoli #postsecondary #education
2024-02-20 16:58:06

Really nice story about a Costa Rican volunteer firefigther who helped fight fires in Alberta and BC last year.
#ClimateChange #BCPoli #ABPoli
2023-12-21 21:59:48

Woke up to the news my union (VIUFA) has reached a tentative agreement with our employer (VIU/BC Gov). Details aren't public. Hooray for Collective Bargaining!
#unions #bcPoli #bced

Cat Organize GIF by Industrial Workers of the World
2024-01-19 18:33:43

Hey #BCPoli nerds. Please Boost for Reach and Reply if you have ideas. What do you think about an effort to convince the BC Government/Legislature to create an e-petition facility like we have at the Federal Level?
2023-12-09 18:38:00

This is cool. This would also probably be me.
Bad Handwriting --> Can't Read Phone Number --> Not Looking at VoiceMail/Messages —> Don't believe it until talking to the lady and then start crying. 😭🤣
Also, Bienvenido a Canadš, Señor Perez! :)
#PrizeHome #BCPoli
2024-01-03 18:05:45

You think? #ForestPolicy #ClearCuts #BCPoli
“Biologist says it could indicate a lack of dens”
While rare, there have been recorded cases of bears denning under homes, s…
2024-02-01 00:05:58

Funny email of the day:
“I am writing in regards to your recent FOI request for: …..”
(The FOI request was made in JULY... I'll have an update later.)
#BCPoli #FOI #News<…
2023-12-27 04:23:24

Watching Percy Jackson and all I can see are the clearcuts on the hills outside the kids seaside "camp"... embarrassing.
#SuperNaturalForestPolicy #BCPoli #BCForests
2024-01-26 17:19:27

Dear BC NDP Government and your hangers on in the LNG Industry (*cough* Moe Sihota *cough*).
Follow Biden's lead on LNG. No new LNG export projects. And if you want to send an even stronger message about how you truly understand the transition that must happen immediately. Cancel the LNG licenses that are not currently operating.
It's over. This is not defeat for LNG... this is victory for a liveable planet.