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2024-03-22 07:28:52

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of presenting to the #UKRI Science and Technology Facilities Council about #OpenAccess for #books.

Bar chart showing that 39% of the books in the OAPEN Library have been downloaded in between 10 and 30 countries, 23 % between 30 and 50 countries.
2024-02-23 04:08:40

“The act of reading aloud may benefit the reader, too: It may improve memory, cognitive function, focus and mood.”
#Books #Reading
2024-03-23 00:45:29

📚 Percival Everett Can’t Be Pinned Down
2024-03-19 04:27:10

veteran music critic robert christgau meditates on what to do with the contents of his #nyc apartment, crammed with #books & #records, & visits the similar

a room full of records
2024-05-19 19:19:49

About to dive into Discworld book number 4: Mort. Looking forward to this one.
#Discworld #bookstodon #books
2024-04-23 03:54:05

Looking for #recommendations of #books on living the #good #life, a wise life, etc. Most obvious example is probably…
2024-03-12 13:08:23

books :-)
Been reading a few actual books!
Latest review over at @… was of a science fiction novel by Emily Tesh, which I'm still thinking about - v good.
#books #BookReviews
2024-03-20 17:17:34

reading now: Concrete Island by J.G. Ballard
It took me a long time to discover Ballard as a sci-fi fan but now I am hooked. I won’t be spoiling it for you if I told you it has one of the best pretenses of any novel set in the modern world, a veritable Robinson Cruose set in a forgotten spot in the middle of London.
2024-04-16 19:17:18

Well this looks interesting. A detailed oral history of early San Pedro punk, from '77 - '85
Detailed accounts of the early Hermosa Beach and South Bay punk scene, but mostly focused on The Minutemen.
#books #music
2024-04-04 05:03:52

"The Discarded interweaves stories about imaginary #books with reflections on libraries, both real and dreamt. In an age of decreasing literacy, disposable content, and banned books, what do we preserve and discard?"
2024-04-21 15:09:12

Das Erlebnis des Jetzt
#SiriHustvedt #books #bücher #AlbertEinstein

Foto von Seite 46 des Romans damals von Siri Hustvedt
Zeichnungen von Albert Einstein aus dem Roman Damals von Dirk Hustvedt. Darunter ein Zitat von Carnap über Einstein: Das Problem des Jetzt beunruhigte Einstein ernsthaft.
2024-04-25 17:13:47

There was a news message going viral a few days ago, that most published books sell fewer than a dozen copies.
Here is a reply from two years ago debunking this. And explaining what "published", "book" and "sale" all could mean. (But none of the useful combinations support that claim.)
2024-04-09 03:24:55

Okay, I have to admit that maybe reading the first five books in the Hainish Cycle back-to-back was too much Le Guin.
I need something light and funny after The Dispossessed.
#Books #SciFi
2024-04-20 16:34:41

It's quite common these days for National Trust properties to have a second-hand bookstore on site. But the one at Speke Hall near Liverpool has hands down the best name.
#Books #Bookstodon #SpekeHall #NationalTrust
2024-03-18 21:49:59

#bookstodon #romance

A young woman and shirtless man are about to kiss.

Text reads: If you like Barbara Freethy, you'll love Jodi Bowersox books.
2024-04-18 06:56:47

Irony isn't dead ... #OpenAccess #Books

Paywalled article: Beyond open access - book publishing in a metric culture
2024-05-17 13:45:53

#Bookstodon / #BookSky challenge: Choose 20 books that greatly influenced you. One book per day, for 20 days. No explanations, no reviews, just covers.
Day 5: The Parables of Peanuts by Robert L. Short

White background. Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and Linus are posed in front of a. ocher-yellow  "Dead Sea" scroll parchment. Snoopy is look off to his left whereas Charlie Brown, arms to his side, is listening to Linus, who is holding up a small black Bible (presumably) in his right hand; which is is reading Scripture aloud, his left hand raised to make a point. Charlie Brown is in profile; Linus in quarter-profile. A nice tableau. Hard cover, $1.95.
2024-04-16 19:17:18

Well this looks interesting. A detailed oral history of early San Pedro punk, from '77 - '85
Detailed accounts of the early Hermosa Beach and South Bay punk scene, but mostly focused on The Minutemen.
#books #music
2024-05-17 06:07:35

From the vault: 2018
Road Map for Revolutionaries: Resistance, Activism, and Advocacy for All
by Elisa Camahort Page, Carolyn Gerin, and Jamia Wilson

Road Map for Revolutionaries
Part of the cover design
2024-03-12 00:48:38

I finished the audiobook of “The Traveling Cat Chronicles” and just adored it. If there was a book equivalent of a steaming hot bowl of ramen on a cold and blustery day, this is it. #bookstodon #Books

Cover of the book "The Travelling Cat Chronicles" by Hiro Arikawa, translated by Philip Gabriel, featuring a stylized illustration of a cat's face and autumn leaves on branches.
2024-03-10 18:24:42

Olha a foto que meu irmão acabou de tirar e me enviar. Acho que ele morreu e foi pro Paraíso, única explicação! rs
#Books #BooksOfMastodon #Bookstodon

Foto interna da maior livraria de Oxford. Há MUITOS livros.
2024-05-10 14:34:10

I don't have enough information to argue with the choices this bookstagrammer made when they decided how to present a book called A Bird's Song. They assert it's a banger.
#books #bookstadon

A bookstagrammer's post illustrating a book titled A Bird's Song with a photo of neatly arranged ereader, binoculars, and lots of ammo.
2024-04-03 23:42:41

2024-05-08 21:47:04

OK! My reading slots are empty! All the #books that were in progress have been finished, pondered, and reviewed.
Of course, this doesn't last a long time. I always have an unread digital book "pile" in reserves. Let's see what I feel like picking up next...
2024-02-23 08:25:25

My (5 minute) presentation on #BiblioDiversity and #OpenAccess #books in #OAPEN and
2024-03-30 15:55:56

“For me, it’s not only a great escape, it’s my self-care. I don’t go out and get manicures and pedicures and massages or anything like that. My self-care is expanding my home library and reading books.”
#Reading #Books #Bookstodon
2024-03-23 22:30:43

Adapting #books where events take place over long time periods or gaps can be tough; if you stay true to the books, you don't get to leverage the same cast for multiple #seasons. No actor wants to sign on for a 2-3 episode stretch, and the audience gets confused by cast changes whenever the time jumps.
2024-04-07 08:58:42

Friends, I finally got the worst part done. Photography. I'm contributing to an anthology. Mostly I look very uncomfortable or terrified, sometimes both when there's a camera around.
Nobody warned me about this when I started. #writing will get you into #books and someone will want to see your …

A black and white selfie of me in a winters' jacket, tinted glasses and a hat.
2024-04-05 11:36:19

Anyone order from recently?
I ordered on the 22nd March and have had no updates regarding shipping.
Emailed them yesterday and no response...
#mastodaoine #books
2024-05-10 14:06:43

reading now: I somehow missed Poul Anderson reading sci-fi as a kid but I’ve lately gotten into his works, particularly the Dominic Flandry books like “Agent of the Terran Empire”
#books #reading #scifi

Four books stacked horizontally: Agent of the Terran Empire, The Corridors of Time, Operation Chaos, and (obscured) The Trouble Twisters.  In the background there is a rectangle made of anime character squares crossing the corner of two walls.
2024-05-07 06:02:32

A new update to my #books2024 list. This time 2 books about the simple pleasure of sitting round a bonfire. (Both in Danish, not sure if there are English translations available)
2024-03-03 17:29:57

I've been reading Ray Dailo's "Principles for dealing with the changing world order" in which he charts the rise and fall of empires and kingdoms and dynasties.
The main cycle, he reckons is:
1) Winner of a war consolidates power, unites the population (often through oppression)
2) A smart cooperative equitable educated society with meritocracy means good societal progress and wide sharing of the wealth.
3) Long period of peace, building good tech and military and financial systems.
4) Leadership corrupts: Excessive debt, money-printing, inequality, financial ruin, no sense of solidarity, then a natural disaster pushes it over the edge
5) The fall: Escalating rebellions, very bad inequality, internal conflicts
6) Civil war, revolution, eventually a strong leader proves the winner and back to 1.
We in the western civilization are very clearly in the late states of this kind of cycle, and it's frankly terrifying with the weapons we have these days when it comes to a war.
The leadership is too corrupt to try and fix the inequality or invest in that well educated, equitable, cooperative society.
He explicitly agrees with Marx and implicitly with me a lot more than I'd have expected from the rabid capitalist that Ray Dailo is.
It's interesting to hear his emphasis on inequality and how a prosperous society depends upon sharing the gains of prosperity widely. You tend to hear hyper-capitalists mostly emphasizing that capital's gains should go to capital, and Ray is certainly suggesting the opposite here. That if that happens, it corrupts the leadership and ends with cronyism and debt and revolution.
We seem to basically agree what creates good prosperous peaceful civil society, and that capitalism in the Anglican world isn't doing it, and that fucked up corrupt government is why we aren't doing it.
We'd offer fairly different prescriptions though I think.
#reading #books #economics
2024-05-18 11:16:09
Content warning:

#Bookstodon / #BookSky challenge: Choose 20 books that greatly influenced you. One book per day, for 20 days. No explanations, no reviews, just covers.
Day 6: Anatomy of Evil
by Ruth Nanda Anshen

Excellent Teutonic fonts. Light beige cover. Adam & Eve by Dürer. They are standing side-by-side; she gestures at him, cradling her already bitten apple on her left side, ponytail streaming to her left above it; he is holding his unbitten apple down by by her right hip, his right hand holding a barren vertical branch of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil.
2024-05-18 22:26:07

3rd Discworld book done and an excellent read. I don't see why I should stop, book 4 will start tomorrow.
#Discworld #amReading #bookstodon

Bookly inforgraphic of my stats for reading Terry Pratchett's Equal Rights, book 3 of his Discworld series. 

Streak award: 5 consecutive days
Pages read: 299
Total reading time: 8 hours, 48 minutes and 50 seconds
Reading speed in Pages per hour: 33
Most pages read in a day: 83
Most minutes read in a day: 157 minutes.

Made with bookly for Android.
2024-05-09 06:07:17

Ich hab übrigens den Vatertag gewonnen:

A wooden table with several books, including titles about feminism, technology, and ecology, a colorful painted canvas, and a coffee mug.
2024-04-27 15:09:11

Not looking forward to a heavy read, but confronting this very recent history is important.
#SomePeopleNeedKilling #PatriciaEvangelista #books

Photo of a book cover for Some People Need Killing: A Memoir of Murder in my Country by Patricia Evangelista
2024-04-09 19:04:02

Excellent book-recommendation-thread alert!
#queer #SF #books
2024-03-11 00:40:23

Jump into the award winning series!
#bookstodon #promo

The four books of the Anonymous series flipping around on background of concentric circles that are being pulled into the center.

Blurb from review: "This is hands down one of my favorite authors...Read the series!"

The books are:
"Cinnamon Girl Explains it All",
"The Diamond Diva Vendettta",
"Red Rabbit on the Run",
and "Blue-Eyed Devil".

Author is Jodi Bowersox.
2024-02-26 19:12:57

We’ll see how this goes...

Black Hammer Omnibus, Vol. 1 by Jeff Lemire, et al, featuring a spooky levitating girl in a blue dress, a robot with a grill and a green helmet, and mysterious others, and Ada, or Ador by Vladimir Nabokov, with 3-D letters receding into the distance, the final three in  red.
2024-02-24 14:25:59

Damn it. Went in to town today for something completely different but made the fatal mistake of saying "let's just pop in to Waterstone's for a moment".
Now my "to read" pile of books is considerably taller.
#books #bookstodon
2024-03-05 11:38:21

'A column of fire', part thee of the Kingsbridge trilogy by Ken Follet. Took me over a year to finish all three #books. They are great historical novels. #goodread
2024-03-05 16:39:47

This popped up on readwise daily review:
#trading #books
I don't think I am there yet consistently
2024-04-05 11:36:19

Anyone order from recently?
I ordered on the 22nd March and have had no updates regarding shipping.
Emailed them yesterday and no response...
#mastodaoine #books
2024-05-17 00:04:43

#Bookstodon / #BookSky challenge: Choose 20 books that greatly influenced you. One book per day, for 20 days. No explanations, no reviews, just covers.
Day 4: The Life of the Mind by Hannah Arendt (One-Volume Edition)

Rust-red on beige. Lovely, elegant yet bold font, not overwrought. Nice horizontal bar usage. Narrow, thick, narrow. White. One bookends the "THE" on the top (at the bottom of "THE", mind you), and the other separates the title from the author (MIND/HANNAH).
2024-02-26 10:53:05

Random old xkcd comic reminds me that I should re-read the Timothy Zahn novels from the Star Wars extended universe #Books
2024-05-16 23:56:44

#Bookstodon / #BookSky challenge: Choose 20 books that greatly influenced you. One book per day, for 20 days. No explanations, no reviews, just covers.
Day 3: The End of History and The Last Man by Francis Fukuyama

Bold red on black. Author in white. Art deco font. Seal of approval; gigantic blurb; big media.
2024-02-27 07:44:39

Dowdall, Niamh. 2024. ‘“My #Books Are My Relation to Society”: Transition and Transformation for the Arts and #Humanities in an #OpenAccess Future’. DBS Applied Research and Theory Journal 1:134–50.…
2024-04-24 21:50:41

Thought I'd try reading a Star Trek novel so I went for The Antares Maelstrom by Greg Cox.
It had good characterizations of the familiar star-ship crew but felt slow and poorly paced. I guess coz it's so much longer than a 50 minute TV show.
The way the Federation has supposedly done away with money and need makes a gold-rush story difficult to fathom. How can you have a gold-rush ("pangeum" rather than actual gold) of people heading to a mining-planet if nobody uses money or has any personal wealth?
By making the planet only a potential Federation member, it turns out.
Then everyone can act like a Ferengi.
Anyway, it was okay, but didn't really feel much like watching the old TV shows did.
#reading #books #starTrek
2024-04-30 21:48:34

I guess I subscribed to Pitchfork at some point??? 🤔
#magazine #books #music

Four volumes of the annual book from Pitchfork, the music news and review site. Each book has it's own highly stylized artistic cover, with the title "The Pitchfork Review"
2024-05-14 21:47:23

Ok, so I only read 25% of Equal Rights so far, but I deeply love it. The idea that earthly (homeopathic) medicine is Women's magic, and the "silly", "flamboyant" magic is mens magic resonates deeply with me, and I was told "he found his voice" in this book was dead on. It was like books 1 & 2 he was testing the waters of how absurd he could make it, and went all in on book 3.
2024-03-26 18:40:23

Next: Part I of the Bill Hodges trilogy from Stephen King, Mr Mercedes [2014]!
I already read The Outsider without knowing that it's a spin-off from this series - so I'm very looking forward to those three Kings :)))! Aaaaaand there is a second spin-off from 2023 so lots of [probably] good books waiting for me. 🥳
2024-05-16 23:49:11

#Bookstodon / #BookSky challenge: Choose 20 books that greatly influenced you. One book per day, for 20 days. No explanations, no reviews, just covers.
Day 2: The Gnostics by Jacques Lacarriere

Orientalism run amok. A deeply elaborate Greco-Roman-Egyptian gate is festooned by snakes, two small danger noodles curled around the columns having a hissy fit and a big mofo apparently levitating at the top. An idol is at the bottom. Great use of negative space: the title is in bold red capitals against a white background, the author in black beneath it, all very plain to see. knOWleDge
2024-03-24 19:20:24

Normally I like to boost books that aren’t well known. But I just finished Recursion by Blake Crouch and it’s damn good. #bookstodon
2024-03-29 15:27:40

reading now: books about Chinese. My image sorter is showing me a lot of images with Chinese descriptions. I’ve programmed systems for CJK languages, and been an anime fan for a long time, so I had some exposure but no formal study. One day I started having flashes of understanding and thought…. Could I go from 5% to 10% comprehension quickly?
2024-05-16 23:41:05

By way of
#Bookstodon / #BookSky challenge: Choose 20 books that greatly influenced you. One book per day, for 20 days. No explanations, no reviews, just covers.
Day One: The Dot and the Line – a romance in lower mathematics by Norton Juster

Title in yellow. Serifs. Background light blue. B/W Cupid etching takes aim at a large, red dot in the corner, the shaft of the arrow being the line.
2024-05-07 21:05:28

Finished The Colour of Magic and swiftly moving on to book 2: The Light Fantastic.
This is one the quickest I've read any book (the last time being, I believe, the same book). I'm not usually a big reader, or a quick one, but these books seem to be just right for me.
#bookstodon #TerryPrachett

an infographic from the app Bookly showing the stats for my reading of The Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett. 
pages read: 292
total reading time: 09 hours 39 minutes and 39 seconds
pages per hour: 30
most pages read in a day: 76
most minutes in a day: 133
2024-04-23 15:53:09

We had #earthday and #worldbookday, so these are basically two holidays we should all celebrate.
#books #nature
2024-04-29 14:45:09


Woman in sweater about to kiss topless hunk.
Text reads: If you like Barbara Freethy, you'll love Jodi Bowersox books.
2024-04-30 12:06:44

#Bookplate project. Provenance unknown (but I might come across it again).

A template for an Ex Libris: Silhouette of a smiling griffin on its haunches. Grid. Flared wings, firey tail, pale yellow background/negative space. "Kenf0618" (art deco font needs work, though –the   
0 is much too large).
2024-03-27 13:55:18

Read James OBrien's "How They Broke Britain" in which he names the ten people he blames most for how screwed up everything is now and dedicates a chapter to each of their various corrupt shenanigans.
A fairly brief and bitter read, the villains here are mostly indeed villainous and their corruption and malevolence is clearly described.
Have some issues with his chapter on Corbyn and the lack of any confutation of OBrien''s own bit-part role in the mass smearing of Corbyn and the Labour party during his time, but it's certainly true that Corbyn (and more importantly the reactions to him) was a big part of the whole processes that lead Britain to the terrible situation it's in now.
Felt like I already knew just how terrible all these people are but probably a good summary for anyone who's clueless and wants to understand how we broke this country.
#books #politics #ukpol #reading