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2024-04-14 14:16:55

I visited a a site belonging to a company in Italy today. They have no minimum order... unless you're in the UK, then they refuse to ship goods with a value less than £130.
This is irrespective of shipping costs.
2024-06-09 13:14:11

EU elections, brexit
I won't be voting in the EU elections today, because four years ago our xenophobia-crazed media-pumped electorate voted to remove ourselves from any say at all in how the union is governed and cede control of the union to Germany.
They said this would be taking control, rather than rather obviously giving up power and influence. Which I find confusing but there it is.
So no vote for me, no representation in the parliament, no influence over EU policy. So it goes.
All of those who do still have representation, try not to vote too fascist though please? Thanks.
#vote #eu #brexit
2024-04-05 09:46:36

Er is bijna geen groot probleem in Nederland dat we alleen nationaal kunnen oplossen (immigratie, klimaat, defensie). De oplossing is dan ook niet stemmen voor "minder EU" maar voor een betere en andere EU. Waar stemmen "tegen" de EU toe leidt hebben we bij de #brexit gezien.
2024-05-27 12:59:06

The seaside advertisements had to be adapted for post-#brexit UK. 💩
2024-03-22 07:43:56

Stormont’s honeymoon ends as Brexit pulls parties apart
#DUP have, again, picked a needless political fight that underscores the politically instability of Northern #Ireland.
Nothing would push an investor away harder.
#brexit has made the case for Irish unity better than any nationalist will ever do.
2024-05-09 11:46:38

tja, ohne #Brexit hätte ich vl. schon lange ein #PlanetX #Tempest #Titan
2024-03-27 08:28:28

What Have Fourteen Years of Conservative Rule Done to Britain?
#Ireland still leans so heavily on the UK. #Brexit improved the Irish continental outlook, but not nearly enough. Geography isn't easily overcome, but we need to insulate ourselves more from current British political problems.
2024-05-09 11:46:38

tja, ohne #Brexit hätte ich vl. schon lange ein #PlanetX #Tempest #Titan
2024-03-26 08:28:42

"Right to Buy"
I have a theory that "Right to Buy" was an underlying tipping point for Brexit. If people had still been able to get a council house, they'd have been a lot less antsy about immigration.
If so, it's a great irony that Thatcher's big idea on housing reversed her big idea on Europe. She'd have hated that.
Also, didn't realise it had already been abolished in Scotland & Wales! Good.
#RightToBuy #UK #CouncilHousing #housing #Brexit #MargaretThatcher
2024-06-04 21:07:16

re: #ukpol #tv #debate
And most notable in their complete agreement of course is the complete agreement between candidates and the host that nobody should mention the biggest political event the country has suffered this century: Brexit.
The topic that shall not be spoken.
Fuck these guys.
#brexit #election #tv #debate
2024-04-28 07:24:29

#Sunak: rise in asylum seekers in Ireland proves #Rwanda plan ‘having impact’
#Brexit and later the #Protocol, they are missing that this issue *encourages* a harder border between #Ireland and Great Britain, and grows support for unification by implying the current NI model doesn't work.
#Unionists are the new #SinnFein
#UI #Think32 #PUL #northernireland