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2024-04-25 13:46:30

The need to build housing bumps up against NIMBYism and growth concerns in my community. We're a rural area on the edge of Toronto so there's tremendous pressure to start paving farmland (HWY 413 will cut through the southern portion of Caledon) and increase the population. I worry about sprawl, because that's the majority of approved projects, and not creating walkable, livable towns with GO connections.
#Caledon #HousingCrisis
2024-06-12 19:36:21

This is likely our last summer in our current house, as my wife and I are planning to downsize. So #BloomScrolling posts will be bitter sweet as they form a historical record versus what we look forward to every year. We are building a gallery, for ourselves as well as for use by our real estate agent. The showy stuff is just beginning with more to come. Descriptions are in the ALT text.
#Gardening #Caledon #Zone5a