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2024-03-20 22:16:09

I’ve travelled from Ireland to Finland via Germany over the past few days and I was the *only* one wearing a face mask in the airport or onboard the plane. In a pandemic! WTF, people? Do better! #CovidIsNotOver #WearAMask 😷
2024-05-07 14:42:59

MMR vaccine acquired. Again.
#CovidIsNotOver and #MeaslesIsNotOver either.
2024-03-06 22:14:23

Still positive.

White plastic COVID test with dark purple line at C and lighter purple line at T
2024-02-29 00:06:20

Long Covid and Cognitive Deficits
What we're learning from 2 new, large population prospective assessments
#CovidIsNotOver #CovidIsntOver
2024-05-14 07:43:13

Verdammt. Einmal kurz nicht aufgepasst, schon drehen sie einem abgelaufene Coronatests an. In der Apotheke … so wie das passiert ist, muss ich von Vorsatz ausgehen.
Meine aktuelle Quelle ist damit versiegt. Hat jemand Tipps für den zukünftigen Bezug empfehlenswerter Tests? Ich weiß, ich kann auch googeln, aber ich vertraue eher Euch, die sich evtl. ein bisschen damit auseinandergesetzt haben.
2024-04-01 13:05:09

Can anyone who understands statistics with regards to covid infection rates understand why the rating, which used to be from 1-10 in severity is now calculated at 1-20?
What does that mean when I see a rate 'high' - 5.3/20 in Nova Scotia? Would that have been 10.6/10 before? And therefore severe? Or 2.6/10 which would have only been elevated.
I'm no good at these things!
The original post from is here:
#CovidIsNotOver #statistics #covid @…
2024-02-27 20:53:34

Just replace #measles with #SARS2 and it's still all true and ironic.
HuffPost: Florida Has A Measles Outbreak. Here's What That Actually Means For You.
2024-04-06 21:18:54 "Now my official position is that all those people are suffering from temporary insanity."
2024-04-24 23:22:39

An absolute must watch: (58 min)
Dr. Michael Greger, an infectious diseases expert on pandemic prevention | infectious diseases, Aids, Influenza, Coronavirus.
This video is a 2008 speech covering the cause of infectious diseases and the likelihood of a pandemic almost identical to the coronavirus (Covid-19).
#covid #CovidIsNotOver
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2024-03-05 13:11:04

Me observing people failing to take precautions in an ongoing pandemic:
#CovidCautious #CovidIsNotOver #COVID19 #science

Screenshot from Disenchantment showing Bean peering out through the opening of a door, light on her face, with the subtitle "Those idiots don't know anything about stience."
2024-02-28 21:14:37

Why Are We Still Flu-ifying COVID? - The Atlantic #CovidIsNotOver
2024-02-28 21:14:37

Why Are We Still Flu-ifying COVID? - The Atlantic #CovidIsNotOver
2024-02-27 04:05:19

The HVAC person didn't bring a mask with them when they showed up on my porch today, but they accepted the one I held out to them "It's for the safety of both of us", and put it on properly.
So that's good.
Not sure why they thought inhaling ductwork dust full of shit they're trying to upsell me UV-C to deal with was a good idea though.
But the HVAC system passed its checkup just fine. Aired out the house afterward. Smells nice outside.
#CovidIsNotOver #COVIDisAirborne #HVAC #WearAMask