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2024-03-21 07:18:14

I've never been to #Europapark on regular opening days, but I think it already looks very chic at #CloudFest!

A vivid outdoor scene with a turquoise pool, red and white striped installations forming an arch over the water, and a fountain. In the background, people sit at a cafe terrace adjacent to elegant pink buildings framed by trees. Looks like in Italy.
An ornately decorated room with a traditional aesthetic, featuring tiled floors, a large fireplace, assorted framed artwork on the walls, a heavy wood door, and a chandelier. The space includes a balcony level, red upholstered chairs, and religious imagery. Looks like in a monastery.
A person walking a dog in a park on a sunny day with trees around and a traditional building in the background. Background looks like a german castle
Outdoor seating area with people dining near a marina, flanked by buildings with signage "Bell Rock" and "Captain's Finest Restaurant," large anchor sculpture in the foreground.