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2024-04-24 09:45:49

Is this a regression on Fedora 40 that anyone else is seeing? Apps that launch full-screen are launching at @1x resolution even though my screen is set @2x. Un-maximizing the app fixes it.
#fedora40 #gnome #regression
2024-04-26 11:10:38

After 5 minutes it's very clear: #Fedora40 with #Wayland KDE / #Plasma6 runs like a breeze. Graphics rendering feels instantaneous and extremely snappy in a way X11 could not deliver
2024-04-24 05:37:50

Yes, sometimes I feel like a little boy with a new toy - but it's just a new release 🤪
#fedora40 #linux
2024-04-23 19:17:25

It is done! The clean install of Fedora 40 is running perfectly, everything is set up and purring like a kitten 😸
#fedora #fedora40 #linux
2024-04-23 17:09:30

#fedora40 #plasma6 #kde #wayland

Captura de pantalla de fondo de escritorio mostrando ventana de terminal con Fedora 40 y plasma 6
2024-04-24 05:40:21

Nevertheless, it feels like a new computer (ok, it's only four months old...) when you carry out a clean install after a lot of junk data has accumulated in these few months. Be it through the beta status, through many programs and apps that you have tried out and discarded... Now everything is lean and reduced to a minimum
2024-04-23 16:19:58

Let's get it on! Project Fedora 40 Clean install begins
#fedora #fedora40 #linux #opensource