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2024-04-13 06:21:17

if you set two dozen people on solving the environmental problems we face,
and they each focused on different things,
would their different solutions be harmonious? like a "yes, and"?
e.g. are all straightforward, cost effective, solutions we can do now... non-conflicting?
like swapping to alternatives for milk / not shipping water around,
or meat, or air travel,
swapping to EVs for rural america and improving trains to replace highways/flying, a cleaner grid but also the battery recycling,
swapping to nuclear, wind, and solar, dealing with recycling all of them in stride
supply chain plastics, single use plastics,
not using massive AI datacenters to do that stuff
changes in lobbying, taxes, subsidies, regulations,
if you had 24 people - would their ideas be synergistic? #ClimateChange #GreenEnergy