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2024-01-22 08:59:00
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It's the Day of Selene / Luna's Day / #Monday! 🌛
"Selene, circle of gleaming gold, daughter of radiant-belted Helios (the Sun)."
Euripides, Phoenicians 175
🏛️ #Baal-Saturnus, #Helios

The god Baal is seated on a throne, to his left the sun god Helios-Sol with a globe and aureola, to his right the moon goddess Selene-Luna with the lunar crescent, globe, and torch.
2024-01-14 10:33:19
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It's the Day of Helios / Sol's Day / #Sunday! ☀️
"To Helios (Sol), Fumigation from Frankincense and Manna. Hear, golden Titan, whose eternal eye with matchless sight illumines all the sky. Native, unwearied in diffusing light, and to all eyes the object of delight"
Orphic Hymn 8 to Helios

Roman silver finger ring with the head of Sol-Helios on a golden background. The solid hoop flat on the interior, rounded on the exterior, expanding to the broad angular shoulders, the bezel centered by a relief radiate bust of Helios in profile to the right, framed by raised bands, the bezel overlaid in sheet gold, the face and hair of Helios cut out to reveal the silver below.
2024-01-07 10:31:01
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It's the Day of Helios / Sol's Day / #Sunday! ☀️
Helios, the Sun, rises another day, illuminating a #NewYear. #Helios was associated with the turn of the year as he passes through the conste…

Roman mosaic of Sol, the Sun, in his chariot surrounded by the signs of the zodiac. He is depicted with a nine-spiked sunray crown and a rich, flowing cloak, holding a riding crop in his right hand and the reins in his left. His chariot, a quadriga, is drawn by four prancing horses. The background is black or dark, like the cosmos, a round shape with the signs of the zodiac forming a circle around it.
2023-12-31 10:27:02
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It's the Day of Helios / Sol's Day / #Sunday! ☀️
"But having gone down into Hades because of his wife & seeing what sort of things were there, he did not continue to worship #Dionysos, because of whom he was famous, but he thought

Fresco detail of beardless, youthful Dionysos with a long torch sitting on a throne, surrounded by Helios and Aphrodite (not shown) and other gods. Helios is crowned with a sun ray crown and holds a shepherd's staff. He is also seated on a golden throne below Dionysos.
2024-01-28 10:37:03
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It's the #DayOfHelios / Sol's Day / #Sunday! ☀️
"‘O #Helios, send me as far over the earth as is my pleasure and yours, and may I make the acquaintance of good men, but never hear a…

Golden coin with the radiate head of Helios facing the onlooker.