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2024-06-18 09:15:34

Someone stumbled over this over on
Yes, that is me from earlier in the year.

Tiwtter/ post by Knut Åbjørsbråten
@knutsi that says,

"Slår ikke han her med enhjulssykkel på holka på Ring 2 i Oslo"

Includes two pictures of someone unicycling along the side of the road, in the dark, in the winter with snow and ice at the edges. On the back of the unicycle is a read back light.
2024-04-18 07:45:36

En kjendishytte legges ut for salg:
> Hytta […] er ikke så stor. […]
> – Den er på bare 127 kvadratmeter fordelt på to etasjer. […]
127 m² er stŸrre en mange hus og leiligheter.
2024-06-18 07:13:47

Daily Inspiration: *“An epic commitment to quality will always achieve epic results!”* – Futurist Jim Carroll
I'm in Dublin again!
I've probably flown over Ireland at least 100 times to and from keynotes and family trips to Europe and the Middle East, and yet, until this year, I'd never found myself fortunate enough to visit the country. Now, I'm in the midst of my second visit this year!
Earlier in January, I was over for a keynote for a CEO-led strategic p…
2024-06-18 17:29:31

„Ah, Sie wollen bei uns arbeiten? Und Sie waren auf dem Berliner Gymnasium Tiergarten? Gehen Sie bitte weiter.“
Schüler kündigten Pro-Palästina-Protest an: Angst vor Ausschreitungen – Gymnasium sagt Abitur-Feier ab
2024-06-18 07:49:20

“Ethische Nutzung von KI” beim Tag der Abschlussarbeit am KIT
Ich war eingeladen, um am "Tag der Abschlussarbeiten" am KIT in Karlsruhe über den ethische Fragen beim Einsatz von "KI" insbesondere im Universitäten Kontext zu sprechen. Den Mitschnitt meines Vortrages kann man hier ansehen: Die Slides stehen hier zum Download. Das gesamte Programm und evtl. auch weitere Mitschnitte findet an unter
2024-04-19 18:04:25

I know I'm not saying anything new but:
I'm grateful for the USB-C. Thanks to its universality, I no longer need 5 different kinds of USB cables.
Now I need 6 different kinds of USB cables.
2024-06-18 17:16:56

‘You Will Lose Access To Pornhub:’ Kentucky and Indiana Face a Porn Countdown
2024-04-19 09:11:37

NFL Draft prospect Andru Phillips isn’t afraid to be himself, on or off the field
2024-06-16 13:29:13

Nazi Punks Fuck Off by Dead Kennedys
2024-04-19 07:03:03

Entangled states from arborescent knots
Sergey Mironov, Andrey Morozov…