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2024-05-20 14:34:57

Echelsbacher Brücke, 76m above the Ammer canyon.
#LandscapePhotography #Photography #Architecture

Panoramic view of a massive single arch bridge spanning across the canyon of the river Ammer, seen from slightly below the road surface (which itself is 76m above the valley floor). The bottom of the canyon is not visible. The canyon itself is covered in lush green mixed forest, with some rocky sections visible.
2024-04-21 09:09:22

Walking the line/ridge toward Kellenspitze, Tannheimer Alps.
#SilentSunday #LandscapePhotography #Photography

Photo of a picturesque mountain scene. A steep, grassy ridge is leading from the foreground toward a mountain pass and the vertical rocky cliffs and peaks of Kellenspitze (2238m) and Kellenschrofen (2091m) in the background. From the pass, another path is leading down the steep grassy slopes into the valley on the right. Bright sunny, blue sky and some fluffy clouds moving in and casting shadows on the peaks.
2024-05-19 07:56:47

Golden carpet event. Near the start of yesterday's hike in one of our favorite valleys...
#SilentSunday #LandscapePhotography #NaturePhotography

View of a vast meadow in the flat valley, surrounded by forest and mountains, some wooden huts in the background. The high density of (mainly) yellow flowers and dandelion seed balls have turned the meadow into a yellow carpet. A coming thunderstorm is starting to form dramatic clouds...
2024-06-16 07:24:10

Overwhelmed at/by Gavarnie. Unforgettable!
#SilentSunday #LandscapePhotography #Photography #Mountains

Photo of the inside of the epic Cirque de Gavarnie with up to 1500m tall rock walls and numerous large waterfalls from all sides. Because of the scale, only small sliver of sky is visible. Lush green mountain meadows on the valley floor, criss-crossed by a network of small creeks & more waterfalls. Isolated snow patches on some of the rock faces.
2024-04-14 19:10:24

Pustertal. Just returned... such a stunning valley & hike (the 800 hm were harder than expected today!) Will post more impressions soon...
#SilentSunday #LandscapePhotography #Photography

View of an high alpine landscape/upper valley viewed  from higher up through dense patches of low-growth mountain pine. In the distance a small grassy plateau/cirque with two huts surrounded large & steep snow covered slopes and rock faces. Bright afternoon sun, blue sky with some streaky clouds.
2024-06-11 10:37:01

Yesterday's evening hike... grand & far views, and looking much warmer than it was...
#LandscapePhotography #NaturePhotography #Photography

A path is leading through a wild mountain meadow with lots of flowers towards a group of spruces in the not too far distance. Yellow evening light is illuminating a section of the meadow, creating a glow and hard contrast with the shadowy area in the foreground. In the far back, the western flank of the Ammergauer Alps, incl. foot hills and region around Füssen. A layer of clouds is hovering close above the mountains, above that serene clear blue sky.
Panoramic view across mountain meadows with lots of flowers, patches of forests and fields in the foot hills of the Alps in the Allgäu region. A scattering of small villages and hamlets here and there. A layer of clouds is hovering close above the mountains in the distance, above that serene clear blue sky. In the foreground, yellow evening light is illuminating a section of the meadow, creating a bright glow and hard contrast with the shadowy areas even closer.
2024-05-15 09:46:10

Pictures from last night's evening/sunset hike to a 400m tall waterfall at the end of the valley, celebrating several family events/milestones/anniversaries... Felt like we had the whole valley to ourselves (...and the birdies, and hares and bambies on the way)
#WildWednesday #LandscapePhotography

A small creek meandering through a mountain meadow with yellow flowers and a single large spruce tree, flowing into a lake in the distance. Big mountains rising up on the side of the valley, one of them with the scar of a large rockslide from around 12 years ago...
A group of trees in a mountain meadow with spring flowers, next to a stony river bed. In the background, big, still largely snow covered mountains. Steel gray, cloudy sky with the last evening sun
View across a wild, rushing, whitewater mountain creek, looking up steep & rocky mountain slopes with sparse patches of trees, grass and snow fields. Branches of low growth pine in the foreground. Gray cloudy sky with the last sun trying to break through.
View of the vertical main section of the imposing Bergaicht waterfall (~400m) seen from the lower parts where due to the intense flow from the current snow melt a network of creeks is forming and flooding the meadows.
2024-04-04 12:47:42

Harley and I walked around our property this morning at 7 am. The wet snow coating the trees and fog made it feel magical. I captured a few photos before it disappeared, as warmer temperatures will start melting everything later today.
#Caledon #WinterWonderland #Photography #LandscapePhotography
2024-03-31 12:08:36

The road ahead & taken.
(Also near the same place, only higher up, of which I posted pics of yesterday — this one here from 1.5 years ago...)
#SilentSunday #LandscapePhotography #Photography

Wideangle view of a grand, terraced high alpine landscape with two mountain lakes (at different levels) and the imposing peaks of Lachenspitze, Steinkarspitze and the sloped ridge towards Rote Spitze (left to right). The pyramid of the Hochvogel (2592m) in the far back. The picture is taken from near the summit of Schochenspitze (~2000m) with a small trail leading along the ridge into the distance, passing dense patches of mountain pine. The grass is golden brown, clear blue sky with only faint…
2024-03-30 11:45:08

Moar (almost unedited) pics from yesterday's Föhnwind hike, showing the lower parts of the steep path down from Landsberger Hütte. The mist, lack of color and snow don't give away the warm temperatures, even higher up... weird experience!
#LandscapePhotography #Photography

View of a barren steep mountain face with snow covered tops. A path zig-zagging the lower snowy slopes until the pass in the bottom-right corner. Everything is faded in some completely homogeneous mist. Featureless gray sky.
View of the lower steep part of the path down from Landsberger Hütte as seen from Vilsalpsee: a snowcovered vertical drop below the lake higher up. In the far back is the peak of the Lachenspitze (2130m). Everything is faded in some completely homogeneous mist. Featureless gray sky.
2024-04-28 07:13:58

Otherworldly light, layers and scenery in the upper Höllental (Hell's Valley)
#SilentSunday #LandscapePhotography #Photography

View of the dried out, karsty riverbed of the Hammersbach surrounded by medium sparse alpine forest and leading toward a steep and tall cirque in the back, vertical cliffs towering on all sides across multiple layers of elevation. It was a very bright and hazy day, and both the mountain peaks and a single cloud in the sky are casting harsh shadows, their penumbras visible in the air.
2024-05-26 04:26:09

Hennenkopf (2023) — just waiting for the weather to clear to repeat this amazing hike...
#SilentSunday #LandscapePhotography #Photography

Panoramic view of the Linder valley (densely wooded in this section) and surrounding peaks of the Ammergau Alps as seen from the summit of Hennenkopf with a long ridge line stretching out slightly below. In the hazy far back, the lower parts of Zugspitze (summit not visible).
2024-03-24 10:22:12

In the timeless zone near the wall.
#SilentSunday #LandscapePhotography #NaturePhotography

An old, rustic, wooden hay barn with terracotta shingle roof is standing a hilly alpine landscape with the wall & snowy peaks of the Karwendel massif towering in the background. It's a sunny day in early spring and the snow in the foreground around the barn is already melting, patches of dried yellow/brown grass showing through. A band of forest in light fog/haze is in the middle ground, as is a still frozen over (and still snow-covered) lake.
2024-03-22 17:34:36

A "Fenster" of sorts — a window in the mountains...
#FensterFreitag #LandscapePhotography #Photography

A narrow gap between a rocky cliff and groups of trees high above a milky, rich blue mountain lake offers a narrow view towards the other side of the lake, a massive mountain face with partially overgrown talus fields and smooth slabs of broken off rock (remnants from an ancient largescale land slide). Steep, almost vertical grassy slopes in the close foreground (~400m above the lake)
2024-05-12 08:16:18

Favorite Giant.
#SilentSunday #LandscapePhotography #NaturePhotography #Photography

View of the Langkofel group's peaks, south-eastern flank with surrounding slopes, talus fields, giant boulders, sparse forest and meadows. It's the end of the hike, close to sunset, the rock faces of the mountain are illuminated by slight pinkish/orange light. Some small patches of snow scattered throughout... cloudy sky.
2024-04-07 11:15:40

Vallunga, Dolomites.
#SilentSunday #LandscapePhotography #Photography #NoirCountry

Black and white photo of the final section of the magnificient Vallungo and its cirque in the background. In the foreground a wide, flat and grassy valley floor, surrounded by dense forest and overlooked on the right by the tower & cliffs of Col Turond (2419m). Clear day with high contrast dark sky and fluffy clouds casting strong shadows.
2024-05-05 07:09:43

The Abstract Towers of Sella, Dolomites.
#SilentSunday #LandscapePhotography #Photography #Mountains

A pretty empty and slightly bumpy high alpine mountain meadow with low grass in different shades/patches of greens and browns leading directly towards the base of the 400-500m tall Sella towers, craggy, sharp, tooth-like, vertical rock faces of characteristic dolomite, rising up to ~2600m. Gray sky. The entire scene almost feels like a minimalist landscape painting.
2024-06-02 07:55:31

After the rain.
#SilentSunday #LandscapePhotography #NaturePhotography #Photography

A lush, young & bright green barley field with some bushes and tree line, just before sunset. Blue cornflowers in the foreground. The bright orange evening light is bathing half of the field in a beautiful glow. Vanilla sky/clouds. Early summer mood.