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2024-05-20 20:28:54

Montparnasse Musique – Bonjour
Bonjour features Muambuyi and Mopero Mupemba from Kasai Allstars and is taken from album Archeology.
Underground to overground. Forest to metropolis. North Africa …

Bonjour - Archeology - cover art - Montparnasse Musique
Bonjour - Montparnasse Musique
2024-04-22 13:48:42

Milan is the latest European city to have a local flexibility market. If I understand it correctly, the customer's system has to be at least 50 kW and able to provide 20 kW of capacity change either up or down. So no place for households yet, but some EV charging hubs might qualify.
2024-03-21 20:57:03

Manitoba has a good leader.
More like Wab, please.
2024-03-21 22:03:36

Wow. Every word of this article is worth reading.
#Reconciliation #Apology #Government
2024-05-22 20:29:42

It’s *still* the #MonthOfMayhem at #KFJC, and today is for celebrating the 109th birthday of #SunRa with a 24-hour marathon of his music!

A photo of Sun Ra wearing one of his colorful outfits — striped in blues and reds, with a long, flowing satin cape in yellow to red, and his signature crown of the Egyptian sun god symbol — taken while filming his docudrama,  “Space Is the Place” (1974). 📸 courtesy of the collection of John Corbett and Teri Kapsalis.
2024-04-22 22:52:33

I'm trying to picture #DougFord or #DanielleSmith or - heh - #PierrePoilievre doing this. I can't, unless it were a carefully orchestrated contrived PR opportunity.
2024-04-15 10:11:00

Lunare Horizonte: Epic Games und ESA simulieren Mondbasis-Bau in "Fortnite"
Epic Games hat gemeinsam mit der ESA einen "Fortnite"-Spielmodus entwickelt, in dem man eine Mondbasis bauen soll. Das Mini-Spiel ist gratis.
2024-04-21 14:53:58

Parece que este año tampoco vamos a tener Primavera Sound en Chile. Ya estšn anunciadas las fechas para Buenos Aires y Sao Paulo, ademšs Asunción y Montevideo van a tener Primavera Day, pero nada en Santiago 🥹
#PrimaveraSound #PrimaveraDay
2024-03-22 17:22:25

Diamondbacks Release Elvis Andrus
#MLB #Baseball #MLBTradeRumors
2024-04-23 04:31:28

Diamondbacks Release Jace Peterson
#MLB #Baseball #MLBTradeRumors