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Abortion pill case spotlights rightwing judge and his wife’s shadowy connections
Does that remind you of Clarence Thomas?
Judge💥 James Ho💥 ruled to restrict #mifepristone.
👉His wife Allyson is linked to the anti-abortion group that brought the case
Ho’s failure to recuse himself from the case illustrates why public trust in the judiciary is eroding.
One recent survey …

Flimsy Antiabortion Studies Cited in Case to Ban #Mifepristone Are Retracted
Outside experts found that two studies cited in a federal case on #medication #abortion had serious design problems and that their authors had …

Louisiana lawmakers are trying to quietly criminalize possession of the most commonly used abortion pills. 
In a move that took the state’s abortion advocates and OB-GYNs by surprise,
last-minute amendments that would place #mifepristone and #misoprostol on the state’s list of controlled substances we…
2024-05-07 20:25:20

13 federal #judges, all appointed by #DJT and mostly based in TX (including Ken Starr's nephew Brantley, and #MatthewKacsmaryk who suspended FDA approved drug
2024-03-30 00:57:56

Axios/Ipsos poll:
81% of Americans believe #abortion "should be managed between a woman and her doctor, not the government"... including 65% of #Republicans. And 72% of Americans support abortion medication.