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2024-04-17 09:53:45

Q for fellow #Obsidian users that do daily journaling. How do you handle trips?
Like if you go on a week long trip and you want to bundle all your notes together.
Do you:
A) Write your daily notes as usual and then create a 'trip' note where you embed each day's notes on it
B) Write everything about the trip on one note and then embed each day's heading into eac…
2024-05-04 10:19:39

I'm writing a longer (as it seems) article on the lock-in effect of solutions like #Obsidian that are using open formats like #Markdown for storage. The file format is not the only thing that might lock you in.
I did already start with a list of arguments but also want to collect your ideas so t…
2024-06-03 20:41:17
Content warning: Obsidian (note taking app) remark READ CAREFULLY

DISCLAIMER: What I'm about to mention is not an advertised feature of #Obsidian, and they've said on the forums it is known to cause issues.
So, I'm subscribed to the Obsidian Sync service (because I really like the team and the app). I had tested with 2 pc's, having the same note open on both pc's and editing on both pc's. It seemed like it could handle having two peo…
2024-05-03 18:16:28

This year I wanna get into doing diligent note-taking: #Obsidian vs #Logseq, which is the better option? Or something else entirely? My only real requirements are having a Linux app and an Android one being a nice-to-have.
2024-05-03 07:13:51

People using #Obsidian (and similar) don't even understand when I'm writing about #lockin situations.
If those services could be easily replaced by any Markdown edtor and a decent sync mechanism, why are they using those services in the first place? 🤷
I'm going to blog about that to…
2024-05-22 06:04:04

What’s a hot and useful technique in network #dataviz?
I am fiddling around with a graph that represents extractive practices around a #datacenter. Work in progress in #Obsidian.

A network graph. Moving from the left to the right: earthly matter (e.g., sand, energy, clearing land), intermediary (like pouring concrete), infrastructuring (e.g., build a damn DC), and charismatic commodities (think servers). The main categories on the left are the most important and thus in colour