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2024-02-21 23:17:00

I've opened a brand new #Obsidian vault for my #DigitalGarden. Only adding plugins as I miss the convenience I'm used to; none perform a vital role.
12 plugins so far! My main vault is still home, but somehow it's nice to work from a blank slate.

Home tab
Minimal Theme Settings 
Note Refactor 
Paste URL into selection 
Recent Files
Smart Typography 
Style Settings 
Text Extractor
2024-02-22 03:19:01

I'm seeding my #DigitalGarden in a brand new #Obsidian vault by going through each of the past 92 weekly newsletters I've put out and extracting the ideas worth keeping.
My #PKM understanding has gro…
2023-12-20 20:33:38

This guy, Geet Duggal, is really worth following on #Medium. I don't know where else he hangs out, but dang he write well! And what he says makes sense.
Just read his piece on task management in #Obsidian, and picked up some good tips.
2023-11-24 13:56:51

Got #Obsidian with life-sync via the Community Plugin and a self-hosted CouchDB as backend sync running .... now trying to import my…
2023-12-14 10:01:14

Had to do a presentation on the AI research project, last minute naturally, because we want our data fresh! And I just didn't want to copy all these images with their data into PowerPoint. Since I tracked my progress, my prompts and my control parameters in #obsidian, I used the "Advanced Slides" plugin and wrote a markdown note that glued together the important notes in a structu…
2023-12-18 19:04:50

#Markdown tables in #Obsidian are looking pretty good these days!
Can anyone help me with the #code for a formula? This one calculates the sum of each cell in column 4, and places the result in the last cell of t…
2023-12-02 19:03:22

I imported all my Evernote records to #Obsidian and then asked to see them in a graph and it turns out I have accidentally built a Death Star of data.
2023-11-24 13:56:51

Got #Obsidian with life-sync via the Community Plugin and a self-hosted CouchDB as backend sync running .... now trying to import my…
2024-02-07 17:48:00

Can't believe I didn't notice, but if you take notes in #obsidian, it's handy to have your bold and italicized text to be noticeable. I was using a theme that kept all the text in white (dark mode ftw) but you couldn't distinguish bold from regular text.
The trick is to find a theme (not a font) that puts bold and italicized text in a different color. Just makes sense…
2023-12-28 13:24:39

Wie synchronisiert man am besten #Obsidian Vaults unter Android mit Nextcloud? Die #Nextcloud App scheint nämlich neu unter Obsidian angelegte Datei oder Änderungen nicht automatisch zu erkennen und zu synchronisieren.
2023-12-12 09:06:23

#Obsidian has stopped allowing me to click-to-open notes that appear in lists of embedded queries, and Omnisearch no longer works in the Home Tab plugin.
I've searched the forum and can't see anyone else reporting similar issues.
Any ideas?? @…@…
2023-12-04 14:45:21

Taking some time this morning to see if #neovim can replace #obsidian for things like a daily journal. The immediate problem I'm seeing is trying to get plugins setup and working for things like templating and Markdown linking to other files. I've got Mason/Marksman installed, but Ma…
2023-12-27 04:08:27

In other news that doesn't matter in the general scheme of things, my #Obsidian Bookmarks have disappeared. Again.
All CSS snippets turned off—check
Obsidian restarted—check.
What do you think the problem might be, @… ?
2023-11-27 14:05:12

I've been thinking about trying to replace #obsidian with #neovim and some Markdown plugins, just as an experiment. One workflow change that I would have to make is that in order to see a live preview, I would have to run a local server and have the browser along side my terminal. Sounds…
2023-11-29 22:10:48

@… Will #Obsidian Publish ever be integrated into the Fediverse, do you think?
2024-01-24 02:53:42

Well, I was going to sit down and continue putting together my study links in #obsidian , but geez, it just hit me and I'm ready to stop doing everything. It's been a day.
I was only the phone more than normal today, both personally and professionally, so I feel drained. My social battery doesn't take much to drain.
2023-11-27 18:28:57

Bookmarks in #Obsidian are still out of commission in my vault—they’re completely blank.
It’s a probably a conflict with a plugin, but even going into restricted mode hasn’t fixed it, so I’ve come up with a workaround that does the same job.
For each set of what were bookmarks, I’ve created a page of embedded queries. So my
2023-11-24 17:43:16

@… Help me out here. Trying to not need #Obsidian Sync, but I can’t find a #Markdown editor that can do ALL of the following:
1. Read subfolders
2. Display the co…
2023-11-24 11:01:58

Whether or not you are suffering from digital overwhelm, the concept of simple task management in an app like #Obsidian or @… Writer is worth looking at. If you're not sure whether a simple system using links and queries might work for you, check out my latest article on the s…