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2024-05-17 15:51:37

I'm writing a short piece on publishing that will be the afterward of the 1st issue of the journal/magazine-like-thing I'm helping to relaunch (the issue is on obsolescence). Given that the audience (& my fellow editors) are mainly anthropologists & I don't expect any will clamor to read the works I cite (mostly from library science), I'm only going to cite works with perfectly distilled titles, along the lines of 👇

Files with a list of labeled documents:

2024-05-18 07:17:10

(PDF, David Lewis 1980) Veridical hallucination and prosthetic vision #BCI
2024-05-19 19:42:02 - Black-box concurrent data structures for NUMA architectures.
2024-06-18 16:56:38

Terrific work here from RMI:
2024-04-19 14:20:00

Falls noch jemand ein paar Z80-CPUs braucht, muss er/sie sich mit dem Bestellen beeilen ...
2024-06-17 23:30:39

Adobe unveils Firefly-powered image generation in Acrobat, and support for analysis of multiple documents, including non-PDF files, in Acrobat AI Assistant (Calvin Wankhede/Android Authority)
2024-06-18 17:27:11

Rough Set improved Therapy-Based Metaverse Assisting System
(... biofeedback plus CBT as a therapy for common but intractable neck/shoulder/back pain)
2024-05-16 06:03:00

Tipp: PDF im Browser als Doppelseite zeigen
Mehr Informationen auf einmal erfassen: Mit unserem Trick stellen Sie PDFs in Firefox oder Chrome besser dar.…
2024-04-19 20:27:15

Es sollte verboten und bestraft werden, Inhalte ins Netz zu stellen, ohne ein Datum dran zu schreiben. HTML wie PDF und alles andere auch.
2024-04-19 12:43:25

That PDF you downloaded is still just sitting there.. waiting.. ominously