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2024-05-10 14:32:30

The Stephen Lewis foundation is so great. So proud that my mom will get to have a quilt she contributed to along with hundreds of other grannies in Canada, Africa, UK, and Australia hung in the amazing Canadian Museum of Human Rights in Winnipeg!!
#Grannies #PortAlberni
2024-05-07 16:58:00

Free 1000L water tank? YES PLEASE!
Pickup? No problem!
#gardening #PortAlberni #Drought

A large water tank sits inside a trailer. It is semi transparent white plastic with a metal grate around it. There is a large spigot on the bottom and an intake on the top. The trailer has its back gate down. It has low alumnimum sides and deck. It is parked behind the blue Kona EV in the driveway.
The tank has been moved onto a small garden cart immediately behind the trailer. It is quite a bit wider than the cart. It’s tipped slightly to the right.
The cart with the tank on top is sitting in the middle of a large grassy backyard between the garden boxes and chicken coop on the left and the shed and small car under tarp on the right.
2024-06-07 17:37:34

Looking back at some stats and photos and things from May and man... I need to get this picture framed. I love it so much. And it's never to be repeated.
#Aurora #PortAlberni

A picture looking up toward the night sky. In the bottom portion is the double peak of our house with its bright white trim and bright blue paint. There is a tall window with one window swung open hinged from the top.

Above the house is an electric purple sky with a green splash of colour from the aurora. Behind, the colour the stars are visible.
2024-05-28 17:30:26

There is the sound of a train and its horn along the tracks in #PortAlberni for the first time since the Pandemic! Yay! 🚂 They're getting ready for the summertime runs promised along the waterfront. It's not with the Steam loco this year, just the old Diesel (which has its own charm), but it's a start.
2024-05-24 17:47:09

For the first time, a fellow born in #PortAlberni is a Head Coach in the #NHL! Cool!
I won't be cheering for the Kings tho. lol
2024-05-24 23:28:27

The big rhodo is the last to bloom. There are lots of bees buzzing in it but it's a little blustery so they are not stcking around much for a photo :)
#bloomscrolling #portalberni

A close-up picture of a bright pink rhododendron. There is a greyish sky on the top of the picture.
2024-04-21 22:27:32

Earth Day cleanup of Dry Creek (Owatchet)! 90kg/198lbs hauled away.
#earthday #earthday2024 #PortAlberni

The middle of a creek with a run of water going down both sides of a rocky middle. There is a black plastic bag on the ground. There are people up the creek in the distance.
A mallard stands on a log in front of a bunch of reeds
The creek and creek bed under a partly cloudy and blue sky.
A small trailer full of garbage.
2024-04-19 20:15:42

They're trying everything to coax the orca out of the lagoon.
(If this more unconventional strategy doesn't work, they'll be using a large fish net in the coming days to try to trap it and physically move it back to the ocean)
Oh! And there was a small pod of Orcas in #PortAlberni yesterday apparently. I missed them, but they stayed a little while. L…
2024-05-22 23:47:15

First pond lilly flower is about to pop!! pre #bloomscrolling #pond #gardening #portalberni

A small pond lily plant with purple leaves floating on the surface some with a little green in them. Has a blossom just under the surface about half outside in the air. There are flat granite stones on the edge of the pond. The water is a Marky, green yellow colour