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2024-01-19 10:21:34

Are there any folk out there with #Qt #AndroidDev experience? It's a bit of a niche combination, so I suspect folk with this knowledge are hard to find.
2023-12-20 08:01:00

German politician Christian Lüth of the right-wing extremist “Alternative for Germany” party said about migrants:
“We can still shoot them all afterwards. That's not an issue at all. Or gas them, or whatever you like.”
Even if you're not German, you should show your support for unconstitutionality proceedings against AfD. We must not allow fascism to rise again. Otherwise, it won't stop at the border of your country.
2024-02-17 12:06:41

> If I can subscribe online, I should be able to cancel online. No phoning or going somewhere physically. It should be illegal.
I find it difficult to find a reason that we shouldn't outlaw these "hoops" that exist only to make ending the subscription harder.
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2024-01-04 06:59:01

#QT -
Endlich bewegt sich was, dafür gibt's eh schon länger auch ein Volksbegehren 😁
2024-01-01 13:46:20

This is absolutely massive.
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2024-01-07 17:42:58

Old dell servers are often cheaper and more powerful than devices sold as NAS systems!
Buy a USB 3 PCIe card and you can attach all your cheap USB SATA mass storage to it or fill it with SSD drives or both.
- TrueNAS
- OpenMediaVault
- something else I'm forgetting right now
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2024-01-06 11:30:50

So, if Chinese, Korean and Indonesian dogs had a conversation, human spectators would quote it like this:
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2023-11-28 18:22:03

Life goal:
Alles so stabil kriegen, dass mir "Karten für übernächstes Jahr kaufen" nicht total absurd erscheint.
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2023-12-05 08:12:21

This could massively change the way satellites operate.
Imagine flinging chemicals into orbit for delivery to satellites to recharge thrusters instead of de-orbiting old satellites because they can't keep their position anymore.
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2024-01-03 15:27:03

Out of more than 1000 visitors of #37c3, at least 12% got sick. That's just what happens when the organiser defames those who call for hygiene measures “Covid extremists”. 🤡
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2023-12-26 17:49:50

someone write a #Borges-style short story from this
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2023-11-25 22:38:37

This isn't "broken" but rather people are using the wrong mental model for the mentioned-only audience setting.
The same way we don't call e-mail broken for operating like postcards, not packages or vaults carried in armored trucks to the recipient.
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