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2024-06-14 06:21:30

ragapp/ragapp: The easiest way to use Agentic #RAG in any enterprise
As simple to configure as
2024-05-14 23:06:17

I just scheduled two @… Open Space sessions. If you are interested in AI and RAG, I am going to be presenting "Crafting Intelligent Python Apps with Retrieval-Augmented Generation" on May 31 and June 28 (in case you can't make the first date).
#ThatConference #AI #LLM #RAG #Python
2024-05-31 13:23:36

If anyone wants to come hang out with me later, I am giving a short "Crafting Intelligent Python Apps with Retrieval-Augmented Generation" talk online at 12:30 (Milwaukee time)
#AI #RAG #Python
2024-05-10 07:57:58

💩 #Enshittification 3.0: #OpenAI will tie ads directly into #ChatGPT via RHLF training or as #RAG. <…

Participation boosts publisher payouts
According to the deck, publisher participation in PPP creates a better experience for OpenAI users, which will help shift engagement toward browsing, i.e. queries that result in responses with links.

Roughly 25% of ChatGPT users already use the browse function, but the company expects that a majority of users will do so once the feature is broadly rolled out. If more users engage with publishers’ links, the media companies could earn larger payments for t…