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2024-06-08 14:31:44

What a beautiful day for a train journey down the west coast. I was passing through the Lake District here. #railtravel

View of the Lake District on a sunny day, taken from the train. The valley is green and the sky is blue with white clouds. A beck runs through the fields.
2024-04-18 23:58:10

#RailTravel #Maps
Via Massimo @Rainmaker1973
Passenger train lines in the USA vs Europe
2024-04-18 23:56:22

#RailTravel #UKPol
Via John McAllister @john_mcal
Just taken a FrecciaRossa high speed train from Rome to Florence. A distance of about 275km (~170 miles). It took 1hr 36 mins and only cost me €23. Not to mention comfortable seats, decent fast WiFi, clean toilets. …