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2024-04-07 21:53:12

After a day of heavy/important conversation with the #ScottishGreens yesterday it was nice to do some sewing at the #Edinburgh sewcial club #sashiko

Work in progress Sashiko/Boro visible mending on pair of old jeans
Single flower done as Sashiko practice
2024-04-17 22:17:29

Climate policy in Scotland, changes?
#BBC Kevin Keane might well be right on upcoming #Scotland #climatechange #politics news.
#ScottishGreens #Greens #SNP
2024-04-06 10:06:32

First time in person at the #ScottishGreens conference! It's nice being in a room with so many like minded folks. Now just gotta get over my post COVID social anxiety enough to talk to people 🤣