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2024-05-08 14:17:03

:kitten: Meow! New Kitten just dropped:
• Uploads are now listed in the Small Web Place Settings (/💕/settings) of all Kitten apps.
#Kitten #SmallWeb #SmallTech

Screenshot of Small Web Place Settings tab (https://localhost/💕/settings/) in browser:

At the top is a partial view of some data about uploads from a database table listing. Under that is an App database (db): “This is your app’s database.” Under that is a partial listing of the images table showing two objects:

  "path": "/uploads/8e9a18fe-0c2f-4f67-89ae-052e38159c60/",
  "altText": "70-topological-decentralisation.png"
  "path": "/uploads/4f28a42f-6e10-46ba-9359-aa41e096d453/",