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2024-04-15 08:40:50

If you want to start a new #socialmedia network, you not only need a catchy name but also verbs for the most important activities on that network. If you later rename your product you may run into problems if no such verbs exist or can't be renamed.
Let me give you an example:
Let's say your new or renamed social service is called
2024-04-13 12:01:11

Had an interesting conversation about #phone habits with a teenager today. They were very cognisant of the dopamine triggering addictive designs of #socialmedia including the various short form video apps. They had taken concrete action to remove them from their phone for lent and didn't have …
2024-04-12 14:14:03

OJ Simpson finds his conclusion. We learn how, and why to embed content beyond the original. We share a return to Social Media outlets and explain the why of it all. Plus, more!
#OJ #SocialMedia #Facebook
2024-06-11 11:12:00

#Podcasts und #SocialMedia verschmelzen. Drei Entwicklungen zeichnen sich ab. Da sich neben Threads von Meta auch die wichtigsten Blogbetreiber dem Fediversum anschließen, ist es nur eine Frage der Zeit bis auch Podcasts direkt als eigene Instanz oder über einen Service dem Fed…
2024-06-10 13:32:39

Before a longer parental leave, another update regarding visits from some #SocialMedia to @…:
#Mastodon is quite steady and I'm sure,

Graph for Traffic to via different plattforms, Facebook in front, then Flipboard, Twitter, Mastodon and the rest.
2024-06-10 19:42:45

Is someone in a social-media conversation trying to have the last word?
Just let them have it.
#socialMedia #tip #communication
2024-06-13 13:41:00

Beim Teilen ist Vorsicht angesagt, würde ich sagen: Teile ich eine falsche Behauptung, kann ich dran sein und für alle Teilenden haften. Au weia.
Aber: Wer kann schon wissen, ob das, was gepostet wird, tatsächlich der Wahrheit entspricht?
Im Prinzip kann man ab jetzt nur noch sehr wenig teilen, nicht wahr?
2024-05-09 22:02:27

😳I just had a WEIRD as hell experience!
So I saw a post boosted to my timeline from someone who claimed to be a writer. So I googled their name cause I wanted to see their credits. Ended up seeing their BlueSky profile in the list of results, clicked on it...and my "dead" BlueSky account is blocked by them there and I'm not blocked here on my MUCH more active account..
Do people actually go out of their way to block users that don't even interact with them there? Seems kinda odd.😬
#BlueSky #SocialMedia #Weird
2024-05-08 02:36:20

Again, for the naysayers
My Twitter feed, politically, is nearly active and on the correct side of history as my feed here on Mastodon
threads is the only one that's mostly on some bs
(again, i think this is because good people still in twitter have more power than we think)
2024-05-14 08:56:35

Kind of an interesting development in social media with UK media:
BBC Radio 2 and 6 Music have left Facebook and Twitter. Although they're replacing them with Tiktok and Insta.
If only someone had told them that the BBC's R&D team have their very own Mastodon server they could use! @…
#BBC #Radio #BBCRadio2 #BBC6Music #SocialMedia #Fediverse
2024-06-10 19:42:45

Is someone in a social-media conversation trying to have the last word?
Just let them have it.
#socialMedia #tip #communication
2024-06-05 07:16:10

Best sentence today: there's a lot of writing&posting but very few communication.
2024-05-08 11:05:32

Morning thought while listening to the discussions about regulating [commercial / algorithm driven] Social Media and BigTech.
Is it the Tobacco of today?
Will we look back in 20 years and think "How did we let ourselves get it this wrong?"?
#SocialMedia #OfCom
2024-05-08 11:56:14

Can someone tell Social Media Content Creators that you can actually upload selfie videos/pictures in original orientation by disabling mirroring from the start or – now listen carefully – mirror it again (twice)! 🤯
#SocialMedia #mirroring
2024-04-10 07:51:01

#KI killt das Internet - doch das alte Web 2.0 kann sich wehren - Das Internet zu #SocialMedia Zeiten war ein Fast Food-Restaurant. Jetzt ist es nur noch die Erdnuss-Schale an der Theke.
Um so schöner ist, dass es manche Ecken im Web gibt, die im Angesicht der KI-Tools und -Angebote noch ganz na…
2024-06-13 10:51:57
Content warning:

#tv #fernsehen #media #socialmedia
Original with different text by Til Mette

Cartoon: Fernseher werden aus dem Fenster geschmissen. Ein Mann erklärt: "Faktencheck geht eh besser am Computer."
Cartoon: TVs thrown out of the window. A man explains: "Fact checking works better on the computer anyway!"
2024-06-01 14:08:06

Liebe öffentliche Dienste. Nutzt doch bitte
1️⃣ nicht (nur) Social Media für eure Informationen an die Bevölkerung (oder die Presse) und
2️⃣ nicht nur kommerzielle #SocialMedia -Kanäle und
3️⃣ hört ganz besonders auf, ex- #Twitter zu nutzen.
Und liebe Journalist:innen: Hör…

Screenshot aus dem Artikel: "Die Zürcher Feuerwehren sind bis am Samstagmorgen 200 Mal wegen Wasser in Gebäuden oder überfluteten Strassen ausgerückt. Besonders betroffen sei das Zürcher Oberland sowie Zell und Turbenthal gewesen, schrieb Schutz&Rettung Zürich auf dem Kurznachrichtendienst X."
2024-06-15 03:17:37

It's been 6 months since Meta laid out their plan for "end of the year full federation".
It's wild to me that, in that same timeframe, a solo third party dev was able to get BlueSky pretty much fully federated before Threads could. Bridgy Fed dev doesn't even work for Bluesky or Threads and he managed to bridge Fediverse AND threads to BlueSky.
I feel embarrassed FOR Meta at this point. What the hell is taking them so long?
#Fedi #Fediverse #Threads #Meta #SocialMedia
2024-06-13 00:09:16

Likes are now private on Twitter/X. Because.

White text on black background showing a social media post on X by user slate (@PleaseBeGneiss)

elon: let’s allow porn

software engineer: um ok?

elon: *walking back into the room 5 minutes later* hey can everyone see likes?
2024-05-05 02:03:59

I think following specific hashtags of a profile would be useful. Technically it's like following a profile but the timeline posts filtered by specific hashtags. Perhaps similar logic on Mastodon, to hiding boosts from profile or filtering posts by subscribed languages.
Could probably solve the issue where folks create multiple accounts for different interests or circles.
2024-06-13 00:09:16

Likes are now private on Twitter/X. Because.

White text on black background showing a social media post on X by user slate (@PleaseBeGneiss)

elon: let’s allow porn

software engineer: um ok?

elon: *walking back into the room 5 minutes later* hey can everyone see likes?
2024-04-26 09:20:15

When #RSS and #SocialMedia meet I think there is a lack of interoperability.
When I boost a post there should be an easy way for someone who subscribes to the RSS feed of my #Mastodon ac…
2024-04-23 16:46:48

Easily Distracted #SocialMedia #Trollking #MelonHusk's Bread & Butter T$LA is Hemorrhaging Cash, Losing $350 billion in market cap for investors this quarter, with recalls up & revenues falling, the
2024-06-05 11:30:01

#Youtube ist eine der beliebtesten #SocialMedia -Plattformen in #Russland. Facebook, Twitter und Tiktok wurden aus dem Land verbannt. Youtube bietet Russland-Kritikern eine Plattform, um sich mehr …
2024-05-03 13:55:52

😵‍💫Analyzing User Engagement with TikTok’s Short Format Video Recommendations using Data Donations
2024-04-28 06:02:16

I'm calling it
Threads is the actually evil thing you imagine Twitter is
Twitter's actually still doing okay
#mastodon #fediverse #socialmedia
2024-06-17 16:14:42

My mother is visiting & brought boxes of my childhood drawings...
And it's official...I predicted #PizzaRat back in 1992... an 8-year-old viral #meme Nostradamus

A drawing of a mouse or rat holding a piece of pizza. Drawn by me at 8 years old in 1992.
2024-05-03 08:14:27

Well, I tried Nostr, as recommended by some folks over there who said it wasn't as bad as it looked.
Well, I'm here to tell you, it's worse than it looked.🤣
Some people think Fedi is too "tech bro"?!? Go there, realize your "username" is a 32 character long random string. Then, realize the only alternatives are to use a "free" one that you don't get to choose or deal with domains and server files....🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dead on arrival. I tried. Not worth my time.
I am BeAware, not hyrulesquirrel45 or npub4928447372584863 :kek:
#Nostr #SocialMedia #ConfusingAsFuck
2024-06-10 11:26:01

Seit 100 Jahren instrumentalisieren Populisten und Extremisten neue Medien für #Propaganda: Radio, Fernsehen, Internet, schreiben die Autoren des @…. Auch der
2024-04-21 10:37:43

I still think we should add an extra layer of #tagging to #SocialMedia in general but to #Mastodon and the
2024-04-16 13:02:30

A visible ‘Online’ status (as opposed to ‘Offline’) should be earned, not shared by default.
I’ll grant you insight into my online status once we’ve established asynchronous connectivity as our norm, and I can rest assured that you’ll be respectful of my time and attention regardless of my availability at any given time.
This is the kind of granularity that is woefully lacking in our communications software.
2024-05-03 07:51:00

Social Media überholt Search als weltweit größte Werbegattung

Immer mehr Werbegelder fließen in Social Media. Laut dem neuen "Global Ad Spend Forecast" des britischen Marktforschers WARC erreicht die Gattung in diesem Jahr neue Spitzenwerte - und überholt Search als größten Werbekanal weltweit. - Horizont (€)
2024-05-22 16:35:22

#socialmedia #mastodon #twitter
2024-06-03 07:40:04

The German National Library @… is offering 3-month research fellowships using their data bases, including a huge longitudinal Twitter archive. Apply by June 19, 11am! 👩‍💻 #research #socialMedia #linguistics #fellowship
2024-05-30 13:00:00

Use our resources on the link below to find out more on the 'Ethics of Social Media'.
Guidance from UKRIO #Ethics
2024-06-16 18:40:31

If you unironically describe something as the #SocialMedia of its time you are not allowed to talk anymore.
#History Historians
2024-05-26 12:35:42

Well...maybe Nostr isn't so great...
Can't get much engagement there. Even offered to pay for engagement like those corporate social media sites and nothing....😑🤦‍♂️
#Nostr #SocialMedia
2024-04-23 14:01:46

🪦 RIP Twitter API: A eulogy to its vast research contributions
#twitter #socialmedia
2024-04-26 10:16:03

Bitkom-Umfrage: Viele Politikerinnen und Politiker haben Profile in den sozialen Medien. Gleichwohl erreichen sie dort oft nur eine Minderheit der politisch Interessierten. Gerade einmal 11 Prozent derjenigen, die sich auf #SocialMedia über Politik informieren, folgen den Profilen von einzelnen Politikerinnen und Politikern.
Sehr diffus? Was ist mit dem rechten Politikergesocks auf
2024-05-23 12:00:53

Just did my weekly "I am not your audience" clearout of people that either unfollowed me or never mutually followed me so we can efficiently converse.
There seems to be a bad behavior cycle of following folks just for the sake of getting followed back, just so you can unfollow to seem "popular".🤦‍♂️
I hate this behavior. If you aren't following me, I'll most likely not follow you or unfollow you at some point because my goal here is to have conversations. If we don't see each other's posts regularly to be able to engage in such conversation, then what's the point?
Stop talking AT me and start talking TO me.
This is social media, let's be social!
#Fediverse #Fedi #SocialMedia
2024-05-21 14:01:24

Don't engage an expert whose main goal is to maintain visibility of their expertise.
#socialMedia #communication
2024-04-25 14:00:11

Bundeskanzler auf TikTok: #Kanzler auf #TikTok? Ja, das braucht es! Mehr als die Hälfte der Deutschen im Alter zwischen 14 und 19 Jahren nutzt TikTok. #SocialMedia ist die wichtigste Nachrichtenquell…
2024-06-18 19:24:54

In real life: If you love someone put a ring on it
On socials: If you love some post put a boost on it
2024-04-24 07:51:02

LESEN! Unter den jungen Leuten im Alter von 14 bis 29 Jahren, also der Zukunft Deutschlands, heißt die beliebteste Partei: AfD. Sicher, wer überall Krisen sieht und sich überfordert fühlt, sehnt sich nach Erlösung. Das bedeutet noch lange nicht, dass ausgerechnet die AfD die Nachfrage bedienen müsste. Nur sind die Rechtsextremisten eben auf #SocialMedia so aktiv wie keine andere Partei. Die …
2024-06-10 01:03:31

Decentralized Social Media Tip:
If you're a Fediverse user that dabbles in Nostr as well, there's a few Fedi-Nostr bridges you can use. The most popular ones are and
Also, if you have a lightning wallet, you can link it in your bio with the tag ⚡️ and when your Fedi posts are seen on Nostr through the previously mentioned bridges, they can be zapped! Adding an easy way for you to get paid small amounts for your posts!
Social Media as we know it is changing before our eyes!🙌🙌🙌
#Nostr #Fediverse #SocialMedia #Decentralization #Tips
2024-04-17 16:29:05

Die Alten mischen Social Media auf
#Granfluencer #Trends #socialmedia #alter
2024-06-10 20:32:49

If you ever thought "Fediverse needs to give more control to the user", you should give Nostr a try.
No one server has control over your account or content there. The way it works is similar, but different, to blockchain technology.
Your account is a "key pair" consisting of a public key that just gives viewing access to your account and a private key that controls everything about your account.
Content is spread through "relays" similar to instances on Fedi. However, your account doesn't just get deleted or unaccessible if you get banned from a relay. You simply remove that relay from your list and continue on.
This does mean that moderating your own experience is WAY more important. However, that personally doesn't effect me differently because I host my own instance and have to moderate my feed anyway. It's pretty easy to avoid ridiculous stuff, but less easy than "let someone else do it for you".
If having complete control over your social graph and not having to worry about being "cancelled" is something you desire, you should give really think about researching Nostr. There's even a few Nostr-Fediverse bridges so you can interact with Fedi content!
#SocialMedia #Nostr #Decentralization #Privacy #Censorship #Fedi #Fediverse
2024-06-05 01:12:43

I wish more people would look into starting their own Fediverse instance.
Having even a few HUGE instances is bad for decentralization.
Fedi is starting to become a place where you can be "silenced" pretty easily if you don't "be a good boy/girl" and go against the grain.
If you host your own instance, nobody can really silence you in that way.
I'm fairly "boring" in the fact that I don't typically talk about politics and such, but I still feel a massive sense of freedom with hosting my instance.
For folks that aren't knowledgeable in Linux, there's sites like and that offer "managed" hosting for a bit of an upcharge. But if you're able to get the very basics of Linux down, running a Mastodon instance is fairly straightforward and requires fairly low maintenance if it's just 1 user.
Decentralization is our super power. Don't let it be lost because of the few big companies like Mastodon Gmbh or Meta!
#Fedi #Fediverse #Mastodon #ActivityPub #Decentralization #SocialMedia
2024-05-05 20:08:34

I feel very seen today. If that makes sense.😂Getting some interaction feels nice. Thank you nice Fedi people. Lots of talented devs and leaders in this space like Flipboard, Mastodon, Threads, and the ActivityPub devs are doing lots of work to start making these platforms interconnected in a way while hopefully letting people feel safe while doing so. (work is being done so that things work more in a way that you would expect them to, blocks and otherwise)
It's very admirable and the future of social media is VERY exciting!
#Fedi #Fediverse #Flipboard #Threads #Mastodon #ActivityPub #SocialMedia #OpenSocialWeb
2024-05-03 03:44:22

Wow! All my Bluesky posts are backfilling now into my instance! That's cool! I'd guess this "feature" isn't available for the BlueSky side of things....🤔
If anyone notices posts on my profile from older than today, please reply to this and let me know! If you're on BlueSky, you need to follow before you reply or I won't see it here. (This post is federating to BlueSky through a Fediverse-BlueSky bridge)
#BlueSky #BridgyFed #Fediverse #Fedi #Mastodon #SocialMedia
2024-04-26 01:06:41

Is it just me, or are there more users that aren't logging in regularly than there are registering?
Like we have an abandonment issue or an absolutely MASSIVE false activity reporting issue....😬
Doesn't feel so "alive" here these days.
#Fedi #Fediverse #Mastodon #SocialMedia
2024-05-23 14:11:43

Awaiting the day when one of my 2,000 "Fuck Spez" comments gets used by an AI as someone's definitive answer to their question.
Will they literally seek out Spez and proceed to fuck him silly? Seems likely, given that people are SO mad about the suggestion of putting glue on pizza...🤣
#Reddit #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #SocialMedia
2024-05-23 10:20:44

Just curious, to those BlueSky enthusiasts out there:
How is BlueSky considered "decentralized" when there's only 1 company that controls the rules and who can and cannot post stuff?🤔
That's not what decentralized means...😬
Decentralized means power is spread out so that one central individual or group doesn't control everything.
BlueSky is not that. BlueSky is centralized and nothing about it is "federated".
The ATproto just seems like theatrics to generate interest in something that isn't really there...😳
#BlueSky #SocialMedia #Decentralization #Decentralized
2024-05-02 16:20:04

The fucking ignorance on Threads is fucking laughable.🤣🤣 This man just called me a "Fediverse Stan account"
Un-fucking-believable!🙄🙄🙄Everyone, point and laugh at the idiot!🤣
#Fedi #Fediverse #SocialMedia #Threads #Meta #Ignorance #Mastodon #ActivityPub
2024-05-03 23:58:41

I can't wait till Fedi opens certain floodgates.
Lots of niche topics and communities are non-existent here.
I try SO hard to engage in pro wrestling discussion here, but it just isn't happening like it is on other platforms.
On threads, in 4 minutes, Smackdown will most likely be Trending. Here, maybe 5 people will casually mention it throughout the show.
There's a lot to be desired here and I hope this new social movement changes things for the better.
#Fedi #Fediverse #SocialMedia #Mastodon #Threads #Meta #ProWrestling #ProfessionalWrestling #WWE #WWESmackdown
2024-05-02 18:02:56

Well, if they weren't before, Threads is now officially "Aware"😏 of BridgyFed. @… just liked my post about it over there.
Can't help but wonder if the bridge will work all the way through...🤔🤨
#Threads #Fediverse #Fedi #ActivityPub #BlueSky #BlueSkyBridge #BridgyFed #Meta #SocialMedia
2024-05-02 21:31:39

Well, that's 3 Threads employees that are aware of BridgyFed.
That leaves a bit of hope for the future of social media interconnectivity! Even if we can't trust that that they're down to use it, it's a hope...😅
#Fedi #Fediverse #BlueSky #BridgyFed #BlueSkyBridge #ActivityPub #Mastodon #SocialMedia #Threads #Meta
2024-06-17 16:13:23

Long post about my time on Nostr and how it compares to ActivityPub
So, after spending about 2 months on Nostr, I've decided to leave my account dormant there and come back to Fediverse as my "one true platform".
Let's do a postmortem.
What is Nostr?
Nostr is a protocol, much like ActivityPub or ATProto, but tries to solve problems that these platforms haven't.
The major difference is, your account is yours. There are "relays" there that are similar to instances here. However, unlike here, the relays don't always have a website attached and they don't "host" your account exclusively. Each relay you are a part of, has a copy of your profile and if you get "banned" from a relay, you just remove that relay from your connection and keep posting like normal.
There's many different things that Nostr can do, like microblogging, chat, streaming, communities similar to reddit, etc.
One of the other big features is that you can pay creators directly with the use of Bitcoin Lightning which I thought is a pretty neat idea. Though, with the amount of scammers in the crypto space, nobody wants to touch it anymore.
All of these things seemed good to me and I enjoyed engaging with the different systems. My issue, however, isn't with how the protocol is built, it's with the low engagement numbers.
Over my 2 months there, I've gained about 65 followers. Compared to Fediverse, that's REALLY low. Especially considering that there's only about 10% of followers that will engage with any post.
I'd even tried making exclusive Nostr themed content AND giving away Bitcoin Lightning (free money, anyone?) and only got a handful of interactions on each post.
It's good technology if you don't mind having to block stuff you don't want to see consistently. (Which I don't mind) But if the regular user doesn't get much out of the platform, they have no reason to put into the platform and that's pretty much where I'm at.
Fediverse continues to be the best social media platform for engagement. There are censorship issues here. (If you're banned by the biggest instances, you're pretty screwed) However, I don't have those problems.🤷
It was a good experiment nonetheless.
#Fediverse #Nostr #SocialMedia #ATproto #ActivityPub
2024-04-23 19:16:08

Some people get replies and just do not engage at all....
Like, what is the point of posting to social media if you're not even gonna be SOCIAL?!?🤦‍♂️
Especially Fedi, cause it's not like we have some dumb ad service that pays you for views...You ain't making money here unless you're posting off-platform links to buy stuff.
I just don't get it. It's social media. Not "shout to the void and ignore everyone" media.🙄
#Fediverse #Meta #Fedi #ActivityPub #Mastodon #Sharkey #Misskey #Pleroma #Akkoma #IceShrimp #FireFish #GoToSocial #Friendica #Peertube #PixelFed #Hubzilla #Lemmy #Kbin #Mbin #SocialMedia #Threads #Facebook #Instagram #Twitter #Myspace #Digg #Youtube