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2024-05-09 04:53:38

The message: You shouldn't look at the sun directly (that is without any protection) during Solar Eclipse.
This use to confuse me, because, what is so special about solar eclipse?
After some digging, I found out the original message: You should *never* look at the directly even at Solar Eclipse.
2024-05-07 01:55:58

And another movie about the #SolarEclipse a month ago - this time with German narration:
2024-04-22 21:00:39

Time to start saving up for next time.
#eclipse #SolarEclipse

Meme. Going to buy hundreds of blow-up dolls, fill them with helium and let them go during the eclipse so people think it’s the Rapture.
2024-05-04 19:39:11

Zšzrak ve stínu Měsíce (dokumentšrní film, 2024): #SolarEclipse which premiered an hour ago (Czech audio only so far).