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2023-09-20 03:52:25

At #CitizenScience projects #SolarEclipse in April 2024: they are #SunSketcher, &, Dynamic Eclipse Broadcast Initiative,,, and GLOBE Observer,
2023-10-14 16:21:05

#SolarEclipse status from Tennessee
2023-10-13 19:49:25

Oh hey there’s gonna be a #SolarEclipse over the western half of the continental US tomorrow!
2023-10-14 16:39:55

Partial #SolarEclipse
2023-10-14 20:07:12

Was a nice view of the #SolarEclipse from Southern GA. Rather cloudy, but that allowed me to capture images of it with my #Pixel6Pro.

View of the 2023 Annular Solar Eclipse, as seen from Georgia, USA.
2023-10-14 16:43:27

1137 CT from #Tennessee #SolarEclipse some solar flares and filaments visible. I’m using a 70mm Coronado Solar Max II
2023-10-14 16:58:05

Clear drop in temperature during the #SolarEclipse here in #ColoradoSprings
2023-10-14 18:29:11

Final eclipse pics. This time just using my phone and some eclipse glasses, and timely clouds. Still rad. #Eclipse2023 #SolarEclipse #eclipse
2023-10-14 15:36:19

I really should have gone down to Alberquerque for today's #SolarEclipse.
2023-08-31 04:20:37

In which an analysis of El Niño's effect on U.S. cloudiness in April shows that weather chances are *improving* significantly for the 2024 Total #SolarEclipse from much of Mexico all the way to southern Illinois (where I will be ... yeah):
2023-10-14 16:12:07

@… doesn’t have solar glasses but he’s still checking out the #SolarEclipse! 🌙