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2024-05-13 11:28:38

Hot take because I like the #GoodTechThings newsletter Forrest makes:
Stack overflow exists because primary documentation generally sucks and will continue to.
Otherwise why would (usually outdated) tutorials exist?
As @… points out... ChatGPT is good at being welcoming, stackoverflow is bad at it, and both are good at outdated wrong answers.
All docs on the internet have sucked longer than you think (yes, before SEO ruined things). It's just the paradox of knowledge: when you've known something so long you forget how far you've come and how hard it was to learn.
Was helping someone new to tech, tried looking back at some tutorials and gosh they didn't include all the papercuts I went through. Even official docs of commercial providers are not free of that. Some primary docs are just plain wrong or outdated.
#StackOverflow #DevRel
2024-05-09 11:11:26

As an EU citizen, I'm using my right to deletion to get #StackOverflow to remove my data for me.
Here is the link to the form:

Screenshot of confirmation email:
Dear Luca Hammer,

One more step is required before we can start working on your request. Please confirm your email by clicking on the button below.

Your Request ID is SHP79MQPD7, please keep this for your records.

Request ID: SHP79MQPD7

Date Submitted: 05/09/2024 07:05 AM UTC

I am a (an): Consumer
Select request type(s): Data Deletion, Data Portability
First Name: XXXX
Last Name: XXXmer
Country: XXXXany
Request Details: XXXXXXXX…
2024-05-12 17:50:48

My different take on #stackoverflow
Not all things are meant to last forever. Their impact was HUGE to developer space. It made programming so much easier and the model worked for over a decade plus! An incredible place to go learn and find answers when you ran into some most ridiculous problems at work.
Now, their traffic has been dying. They didn't jump to AI, they tried t…
2024-05-10 00:47:29

Is there already a fediverse alternative to stackoverflow?
2024-05-11 09:22:01

#StackOverflow bans users en masse for rebelling against #OpenAI partnership — users banned for deleting answers to prevent them being used to train #ChatGPT
2024-05-06 14:37:51

Welp, it's official. All Stack Overflow contributions are simply grist for the AI mill. If you're still contributing there, it's probably time to stop. #stackoverflow
2024-05-07 05:01:33

Someone recently complained that #StackOverflow is “misusing” their answers for commercial purposes and now wishes to have all their content deleted under GDPR.
Here's the thing: Everything published there is #CreativeCommons-licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0. If you don't li…
2024-05-09 05:26:20

The #StackOverflow #AI deal, and their reaction to the backlash shows, once again, that corps will gladly take people's good impulses (in this case, the impulse to help our fellow humans without expecting anything back in return), monetise them, and then act like the good impulse was meant to make …
2024-05-09 04:42:03

The Stack Overflow rugpull is another data point in my head which discourages me from contributing *any* content to a hoard owned by a corporation.
I’m hoping that ActivityPub will one day enable SO-style knowledge bases in which the individual nuggets of content are owned by independent servers and cannot be purchased by anyone.
2024-05-09 10:46:19

Bye, bye #stackoverflow
2024-05-08 11:50:45

at the end, it´s always "Stack Overflow" 😂
#OpenAI and #StackOverflow partner to bring more technical knowledge into #ChatGPT
2024-05-06 20:05:28

I'm never not gonna laugh at anyone making the remark that "Freeloaders are making money out of human contributions" with regards to #StackOverflow signing a partnership with #OpenAI. That's basically the entire foundation of SO, someone not in the know asks, someone in the know answers, and we a…
2024-05-08 09:14:56

Who's going to be sifting Stack Overflow for relevance and accuracy before OpenAI incorporates it?
Or is this for an entirely new offering "All The Wrong Answers, But Not Necessarily In The Right Order"?
#AI #Stupidity
2024-05-06 15:21:31

Personally I thought all their data was already harvested by #OpenAI but apparently not...
#stackoverflow #ai #data

OpenAI stack overflow partnership
2024-05-18 16:25:46

Something is fucked up.
#StackOverflow is now saying that #OpenAI's use of the data is governed by the Creative Commons license (and not "the other license" where Stack Overflow can do whatever they want).

I understand that there are a lot of questions about our partnership with OpenAI and what this means in terms of attribution. While I can’t answer every bullet point or all of the questions on the main Meta Post announcement, I want to be clear about our attribution agreement with any Overflow API partners.

In our agreements with our partners, we have stated that the data they use is governed by the Creative Commons license.

The precise Creative Commons license…