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2024-03-16 13:16:29

Everyone with any interest in #statistics or clinical trials should watch this talk by @f2harrell@x,com -it's brilliant
2024-04-01 13:05:09

Can anyone who understands statistics with regards to covid infection rates understand why the rating, which used to be from 1-10 in severity is now calculated at 1-20?
What does that mean when I see a rate 'high' - 5.3/20 in Nova Scotia? Would that have been 10.6/10 before? And therefore severe? Or 2.6/10 which would have only been elevated.
I'm no good at these things!
The original post from is here:
#CovidIsNotOver #statistics #covid @…
2024-02-07 11:08:09

what is a typical network connectivity uptime pattern for a laptop or smartphone?
e.g., if you ran a server from your laptop or phone, how often would it be disconnected, and for how long?
#cybersecurity #statistics
2024-03-01 11:30:00

Is it really true that the 2024 Fisher Memorial Lecture is not being streamed today? #statistics @MRC_BSU
2024-03-24 05:28:46

#statistics ✍️👀
2024-03-24 05:28:46

#statistics ✍️👀
2024-01-31 15:14:30

Dear #graph makers and #statistics wonks. If you present a #chart with #date information spread over multiple years but then don't include t…
2024-02-25 10:22:55

Explore our lineup of biostatistics short courses on March 6 at the International Biopharmaceutical Statistics Symposium! All courses can be attended remotely. For further information and registration see #statistics #course #biostatistics #drugdevelopment