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2024-04-12 12:20:01

A lovely 20.3 ℃ in the Computer Suite of #TealLensman at 6:18 a.m. I'll take it!
2024-04-11 00:26:05

Me about to read science fiction graphic novels in the front yard of #TealLensman, now that spring has settled in. 🌼

A fellow with a white mustache and goatee, wearing a big ugly but weird straw hat and a grey t-shirt featuring floating spectacles with red and blue lenses (a “graduation” gift from Focus Vision). His own glasses have darkened in the bright sunlight. His home is white clapboard. There are teal doors and a girl’s teal cruiser and tree in the background.
2024-05-02 14:32:55

Busy bee, busy bee... Paid bills. bought smart watch on sale to track sleep cycle... Safe deposit box fu w/Mother (who had a life before she met Dad)... Weeding the front yard by increments...
#cicnyzilska (replaces #TealLensman because I'm pretentious, and after all, it's…
2024-05-01 02:38:36

Retired #TealLensman as too pretentious and commissioned #lenjocicna as being even more pretentious.
It’s #Lojban
2024-04-30 17:39:52

⚮⚮⚮Putting a stop[ to losing canes and Gerber knives.
⚮⚮⚮Annoyed self by being unable to lay hands immediately on the vented to stir the stew. I felt that wood was appropriate for this purpose.
⚮⚮⚮Set off smoke alarm, bumped head.
2024-04-30 03:26:27

Cold and drizzly enough that I put the heater on. I’d thought we were past that.
2024-04-30 16:06:13

In the winter I typically have the bedroom at ≤19 °C. Experimentally for this cold spring morning I jacked it up to 21, and at 12.8 it didn’t cycle to maintain that temperature, just stayed on. The #ADU #TealLensman shall def. have modern R-factor...!
2024-04-30 13:51:39

•••I’ve turned heaters on, for Lord’s sake.
•••“AI” cannot handle exasperated eye-rolls.
•••My bookplate project is off to a good start...
2024-04-19 14:42:25

Cleaned the bathroom. Considered placing Ivory soap next to the Neutrogena.
2024-04-20 11:51:58

Rather than gallivanting I cleaned the Computer Suite yesterday. Not to the extent of moving furniture, mind you, but it looks less like an archaeological dig. Photos to follow.
2024-04-23 18:42:59

Plans for that 21x13 cm space between the bathroom sink & wall: Stacking cat litter plastic jugs or (alternating) shoe boxes.