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2024-03-22 21:34:06

Schön war's an der #Velodemo gegen das Verbot der #CriticalMass u. die Kriminalisierung des freitagabends #Velo fahren in #Zürich

Hunderte Leute mit Velo warten leichtem Abendrot auf einem Platz mit ein paar wenigen Bäumen darauf auf den Beginn der Demo.
Blick von der Rosengartenbrücke runter auf die Hardbrücke. Unten fahren in beide Richtung Velos. Nur Velos. 😁
Velostau auf dem Sihlquai kurz vor dem Hauptbahnhof. Man sieht auf mehreren hundert Metern nur Velos auf der Strasse.
2024-06-04 00:22:51

#BikeStreak, Day 64 #WorldBicycleDay: Took part in the #Velodemo (a demo for more bike infrastructure) in northern #Zurich

A crowd riding towards a underbridge under a concrete wall (hiding a highway). Inmidst the crowd there's a quadricycle built from two upright bicycles, but where one rider (a young woman) rides backwards.
The crowd of bicycle riders waits before the tramway crossing is released by the police.
The bicycle demonstration rides around a sharp (60 degree) corner around a city building. Tramway tracks in the street they're coming from. View from the other side of the crossing. (Corker's view)
The two young women in front of their home-made quadricycle where the right rider rides backwards, i.e. the right saddle post has a handlebar and there is a saddle on a wooden mount on the top tube of the frame just behind where the handlebar of the right bike would be.

(I asked them if I am allowed to publish the picture in the internet and they both agreed.)