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2024-05-15 09:46:10

Pictures from last night's evening/sunset hike to a 400m tall waterfall at the end of the valley, celebrating several family events/milestones/anniversaries... Felt like we had the whole valley to ourselves (...and the birdies, and hares and bambies on the way)
#WildWednesday #LandscapePhotography

A small creek meandering through a mountain meadow with yellow flowers and a single large spruce tree, flowing into a lake in the distance. Big mountains rising up on the side of the valley, one of them with the scar of a large rockslide from around 12 years ago...
A group of trees in a mountain meadow with spring flowers, next to a stony river bed. In the background, big, still largely snow covered mountains. Steel gray, cloudy sky with the last evening sun
View across a wild, rushing, whitewater mountain creek, looking up steep & rocky mountain slopes with sparse patches of trees, grass and snow fields. Branches of low growth pine in the foreground. Gray cloudy sky with the last sun trying to break through.
View of the vertical main section of the imposing Bergaicht waterfall (~400m) seen from the lower parts where due to the intense flow from the current snow melt a network of creeks is forming and flooding the meadows.