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2024-04-21 16:12:36
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#WordWeavers 20 April: Do you plan out your themes or allow them to develop as you write?
Both. Sometimes it's just the rule of sexy with any themes emerging more or less accidental while other stories, especially the longer ones, usually do have themes that I had in mind going in. Without at least a rudimentary idea the story ends up all over the place with no coherence. Which is …
2024-04-21 00:45:03

#WordWeavers April 20: Do you plan out your themes or allow them to develop as you write?
I don't usually think about themes. Perhaps if I did, it would be easier to write endings.
Thinking about it now, I would say the Duplicator's story features themes of distrust, subterfuge, and institutional power. I did knowingly add those things to the story, but only because they follo…
2024-06-18 06:31:23

#WordWeavers 6/18. If your book came with a small toy, what would it be?
Depends. Probably a wooden toy of some kind, if it's the book about an ancient oak tree, which I am editing.
Or, if it's the fantasy series, perhaps a marble gargoyle or stone dragon of some kind. Or one of the monsters I invented. One for each book in the series. I'll scare the children witless. 😄 …
2024-04-19 00:50:02
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#WordWeavers 18 April: Do you write primarily in the same genre you read as a child?
Well... I didn't read #erotica as a child 😁
But I *did* read Graeco-Roman mythology as a child and countless fairytales from around the world and Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels thoroughly …
2024-04-19 20:17:45

#WordWeavers April 19: Do you tend to connect with your MCs or antagonists more?
The more time I spend writing a character, the more bits of myself I notice in them. Generally this means I relate to main characters the most. Especially this month, since I decided to focus on the Duplicator as the MC. I've written a lot about him already, but not much about his antagonist, and I figu…
2024-04-19 02:34:50

#WordWeavers April 18: Do you write primarily in the same genre you read as a child?
No, because I've never stuck to a single genre. Yes, because most of my writing falls into one of the genres I liked as a child, if not more than one.
2024-06-11 10:00:36

#WordWeavers 11/6: Which of your hobbies/interests would appeal to your antagonist?
Archery, target shooting like clay pidgeon and that part of my life is probably something that would be of great interest for the antagonist, but for practical reasons. They're always looking for ways to improve.
2024-05-13 00:39:45
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#WordWeavers 12 May: Who is the best friend in your story?
In the current #WIP I #amEditing, the goddess Demeter seeks the advice and company of her friend Aphrodite. Since this is
2024-04-17 21:16:09

#WordWeavers April 17: What personal expertise of yours makes it into your books?
I'd hesitate to call myself an expert in anything besides programming and game design, and the story isn't about programming or game design. But I do read up on various other topics, and that knowledge does have a way of sneaking in.

  • I've read plenty about how and why people make mistakes (I…
2024-03-27 15:34:14

#WordWeavers #Writing 27 Do you have any stories within your stories? Ancient myths, family stories?
Yes. It is called Tales of the Incorrigible for a reason. I don't go off on asides as much as I had thought I would when I started the series. But I do.
2024-04-16 20:11:03

#WordWeavers April 16: If your MC hosted a talk show, what would it be about?
That's easy, he and his wife would spread conspiracy theories.

  • Breaking down the ways the Government tracks you
  • The confiscated items being stored in the Factory
  • Why recycling is a scam
  • We staked out a Government facility for three days (you won't believe what we found!)<…
2024-04-15 18:50:42

#WordWeavers April 15: What would be your antagonist’s favorite movie?
Whatever it is, I haven't watched that movie yet. It likely exists, I just don't watch many movies.
I suspect he'd like 24, based on Jon Bois's description of the show (mind the CW). Well, he'd like it once he got …
2024-03-30 08:52:20

#WordWeavers 30/3: What dessert would go best with your book?
Okay, I have no idea what this is called in English, but this:
2024-04-14 21:28:36

#WordWeavers April 14: Is your MC spontaneous, or a planner?
A planner for sure, except sometimes when he's caught off-guard.
He has a background in politics, mostly the thankless and boring kind. The kind where you're caught between several sides who all want something different, and you spend weeks ironing out details and trying to address all concerns at once, and sometimes…
2024-05-30 11:03:05
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#WordWeavers 30 May: Are you comfortable writing from the POV of a child? Written any?
I am an erotica writer and as such I rarely write from the POV of a child. Whenever it does happen, I always question whether or not I got the tone righ. Let us say it is not my strength.
(For the dense ones: no, I don't write erotica from the POV of children, sometimes I write other things…
2024-04-30 18:58:16

I compiled this month's #WordWeavers responses into a single blog post. Thanks for another fun month!
This month, I focused on the Duplicator, a goofy conspiracy theorist who hates the same government he used to work for. Also he can create copies of himself somehow. C…
2024-04-27 14:06:28
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#WordWeavers April 27: Who's blaming who in your story?
The current #WIP for patrons of my writing is set uncharacteristically late, in the Roman Empire. Aphrodite-Venus is visiting a temple she shares with a local goddess beyond the Alps. Of course the local goddess blames Venus for invad…
2024-04-13 23:51:04

#WordWeavers April 13: What are some of the tropes typical in your genre? Do you use them?
I honestly don't know what to call #Run3. Is it sci-fi because it's in space and features alien characters? That feels reductive. Is it slice of life because everyone's doing their own thing and t…
2024-05-26 07:30:25

#WordWeavers 26 What childhood similarities do your MC and antagonist share?
None whatsoever, one is an ethereal being and the other is an eternal. Neither have had "a childhood", and only one of them has had "a beginning".
2024-04-12 23:34:43

#WordWeavers April 12: What communities play a role in your story?
Most of my story so far has focused on eight individuals stuck in outer space. Most of them could represent a community (conspiracy theorists, engineers, Pastafarians, rich people, athletes, scientists), but it's hard to say that the community plays a role in the story with only one member present. Probably …
2024-04-10 21:09:28

#WordWeavers April 10: How much power does your MC have?
He has the power to create semitransparent copies of himself nearby. They mimic his motions, interact with the world, and don't feel pain. If he's in trouble he can swap places with any of them.
An ability like this would seem to be useful in a fight, but unfortunately for him, this story doesn't feature combat. It's con…
2024-04-10 00:30:44

#WordWeavers April 8: MC POV: Are you happy? Why/why not?
Am I happy? No.
They imprisoned me in outer space because I knew too much. I'm separated from my wife, and my son is separated from his mother. Everyone else trapped with us is either a liar or a fool.
It's hard to see the bright side, some days.
But there is a bright side: we can see all the oth…
2024-04-08 03:51:04

#WordWeavers April 7: What conflicts (internal and/or external, subtle or grand) are important in your story?
Can I count mysteries as a type of conflict? My story features a lot of them. Even in-universe, they're important. The Duplicator is racing to uncover what he believes to be a massive conspiracy, and if he's right, there are forces working to make sure no one figures it out.…
2024-04-06 17:31:38

#WordWeavers April 6: Does your MC feel understood? Why/why not?
It boggles the mind how little people understand. How much they willingly accept.
Aren't these projectors the Architects installed great? New toys to play with! Free toys! What could be wrong with free? Don't mind the cameras, they let you control your toy, that's all.
Let the toys distract you …
2024-04-05 19:42:21

#WordWeavers April 5: SC POV: Who is your favorite person to be around?
Uhhhh.... Can I say the Bunny? 'Cause if not I'd have to pick between Dad and the Angel, 'cause there's no one else coming with us.
Don't tell him, but Dad's no fun these days. It's like, yes Dad, I know the Angel's mean and bad, but can we talk about anythin…
2024-04-04 17:57:52

#WordWeavers April 4: Is there writing advice you used to follow but changed your mind?
Not that I can recall. I don't consciously follow other people's advice while I write, which means I can't exactly stop following it.
2024-04-03 23:32:53

#WordWeavers April 3: Antagonist POV: How do you feel about animals?
Animals are adorable! Have you seen my puppy? You could never find another animal so smart, so well-behaved, or so handsome!
Excuse me? I never said that. Let me see that article!
Aha, of course. This insufferable tabloid took my words out of context, as they love to do so very oft…
2024-04-02 20:10:10

#WordWeavers April 2: What books/resources have you used to improve your writing? Which ones do you recommend?
I could recommend specific sources, but honestly I think those are a matter of taste. TV Tropes was a great fit for my younger self, but it isn't right for everyone. Nowadays I get most of my advice by listening to individual writers, especially in serialized works where th…
2024-04-02 20:08:53

#WordWeavers April 1: MC POV: Write a Mastodon introduction post.
Not that my setting necessarily has text-based social media, but if it did...
Hey there everyone! I'm the 🗨️Negotiator, and I hope we'll all be good ❤️friends!
Here's a bit about me: I'm a loving husband and father of 🎈one, living sustainably off the grid and looking for ways to make things bet…
2024-04-30 17:54:40

#WordWeavers April 30: Does your MC have any pets? If so, what are they?
The Duplicator considers animal ownership to be cruel and coercive, the same sort of power-seeking behavior he saw all too often in the Government.
Instead, he believes you should befriend wild animals, like his son did with the Bunny. Allow the animal to come and go as it wishes, and never force it to do…
2024-04-29 19:13:38

#WordWeavers April 29: Who's feeling shame in your story? Is it justified?
I usually avoid passing judgement on my characters, but perhaps I'll make an exception this time.
No, I don't think the Duplicator's shame is justified. He entered politics with good intentions and did his best with the tools he had, even if he made mistakes along the way. He's holding his past self to …
2024-04-28 23:48:41

#WordWeavers April 28: Do you have an irrepressibly good-humoured character? How do others react to them?
Maybe I should, but no.
I wonder if this is a reflection of my own biases. As an introvert, I can't imagine having the energy to be outgoing/cheerful all the time, so I don't write any characters who do.
2024-04-27 19:22:10

#WordWeavers April 27: Who's blaming who in your story?
The Duplicator and his wife blame everyone in the story to varying degrees, other than their son. And yes, that includes themselves.
Interestingly, they receive relatively little blame in return. People see them as annoying but too misguided to do any real harm.
2024-04-26 22:30:27

#WordWeavers April 26: In your story, who’s hiding (literally or metaphorically?)
I can't seem to stop writing characters with secrets, so it might be easier to list who isn't hiding.

  • The Skater is uncomplicated and wears his heart on his sleeve.
  • The Student isn't deliberately hiding, she's just an introvert.
  • The Pastafarian is quite eager to shar…
2024-04-25 20:05:39

#WordWeavers April 25: Do your MCs have any luck in love?
My wife is the most amazing woman you'll ever meet. She's gorgeous, driven, passionate, caring, and ten times the public speaker I ever was. We did get off on the wrong foot, but after giving each other a second chance, we clicked.
My ex was the exact opposite. He was the perfect partner at first: romantic, …
2024-04-24 16:47:43

#WordWeavers April 24: Do you include characters from all socio-economic classes in your story?
Yes, but it rarely gets discussed. The Gentleman is the only one who makes a big deal out of it.
Part of this stems from the fact that there's little use for money when you're separated from society. Sure the Gentleman is able to build up a figurative dragon's hoard, but what does h…
2024-04-23 15:45:51

#WordWeavers April 23: How much of an age range do you have with your MCs?
In Earth years, the youngest would be 8-12, most would fall between 15-35, and the oldest would be at least 50, probably over 60. (I haven't felt the need to nail down their ages, much to fans' frustration.)
Generally I assume older characters have greater expertise and background knowledge, but only in…
2024-04-22 19:52:49

#WordWeavers April 22: What two senses are the most natural for you to include in your description?
Sight and hearing come the most naturally. Plus, I'm making a video game and those are what's available.
Actually, most types of media have similar limitations. Being able to describe all the senses is the exception, not the rule.

  • Movies are visuals audio. A narrato…
2024-04-22 02:42:36

#WordWeavers April 21: If your MC's main skill evaporated, would they survive the story?
But that's not the most interesting answer, so let's tweak the question.
Child: Hey Dad, I've been thinking. You know how we're gonna trick the Angel to get home?
Duplicator: Sure. What's up?
Child: I just, what if you didn't have your duplicates? Wouldn'…