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2024-06-13 10:48:40

🐝 Wealthier neighborhoods in Boulder saw lower bee diversity
2024-05-24 13:00:02

"‘Bees are under a double threat’: Beekeepers in Bosnia are battling climate change and disease"
#Bosnia #Bees #Climate
2024-04-21 14:18:17

I hereby claim Bumble Bees as aquatic insects. #native #bees #queen

A photograph of a bumble bee on a purple flower.
2024-04-25 19:19:12

Another great Ze Frank video but this time about #bees
2024-05-19 16:00:42

Grand ecology experiment phase III ... in 2022 we planted flowers on this balcony in Bochum, Germany, based on them looking nice to *us* - and lots of wild #bees (at least 3 species) came. In 2023 we planted only flowers appearing on at least two 'bee-friendly' web lists and hardly any bee was seen. Now it's nice-to-us-humans-looking flowers again - let's see what happens now ...
2024-05-31 15:06:29

BEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 😍 #VolumeUp #BloomScrolling #Bees #SierraFoothills

30 second video of a variety of bees (mostly native bees) busily buzzing around a profusely flowering Ligustrum japonicum tree. While I’m not generally a fan of introduced species, I do appreciate that this one seems to be a very popular food source for native bees at this time of year.
2024-05-28 16:52:15

Welcome, dear bees, at your new location. 🐝🍯
#beekeeping #imkerei #Bienen #bees

A trailer in a green field loaded with wooden bee hives, attached to a red vehicle. Overcast sky in the background.
2024-04-20 18:00:00

"Bumblebee species able to survive underwater for up to a week"
#US #USA #America #Bees