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2024-05-16 16:24:37

I recently heard about a Spanish version of #TheBurbs on #BluRay. The interesting thing is that it includes a rough edit of the film from #JoeDante's own collection. I don't know exact…

A photo of a Blu-ray, both the holster and the slip case.

On the left we see Tom Hans large in the bacground with various neighbors smaller in front of him.

On the right is the classic "Burbs" poster with Tom hans outside in a robe.
2024-04-30 21:30:54

I would buy more #BluRays if it wasn't such a hassle to rip them. I don't have a #BluRay player. I have enough things to plug into my TV. I do have a BluRay drive but there is a whole thing you need to do for it to work.
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