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2024-03-21 13:06:37

If you are in #infosec / #cybersecurity and looking for an easier way to follow interesting infosec accounts that are relatively high signal-to-noise without having to scour the Fediverse, consider checking out the #mammoth Mastodon client and subscribing to the new #indiesec Smart List! Smart Lists are a unique feature pioneered by Mammoth which offers curated lists of accounts in a number of different subject areas.
To start, the IndieSec Smart List (curated by yours truly) features 50 independent security researchers /professionals across many infosec sub-disciplines. I will continue to maintain this list and add new accounts in the coming weeks (I have a whole backlog of accounts I'd like to see added). Over time, this list will seek to feature many accounts that are lower-volume, but high-quality in terms of content. Surfacing harder-to-find accounts (by doing hours of scrolling and curation) is one more way we as a community are improving #discoverability across the network.
Thanks to the @… team and @… for working with me on this new list. If you have any questions about the list feel free to drop me a message!
Edit: I should add - you can see everyone who is featured on this list here When new accounts are added, they too will be represented there.