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2024-05-12 14:03:17

Organizing EXTREME WEATHER Survivors To Vote
2024-06-10 20:57:47

May 2024 was warmer globally than any previous May in the data record: 0.65°C above the 1991-2020 average for May and 0.19°C above the previous high set in May 2020.
This is the twelfth month in a row that is the warmest on record for the respective month of the year.
#globalwarming #climate

Map showing anomalies compared to 1991-2020, with hot spots e.g. in Scandinavia and Mexico and cool spots in Patagonia and W-Russia
2024-05-11 07:00:55

Springtime in Mexico: 51°C...
Mayday, Mayday, as they say.
2024-05-04 19:50:04

413,4 Mrd. Euro für fossile Subventionen gibt die EU aus, während die #Klimakrise immer weiter eskaliert!
2023 war der heißeste Sommer seit mehreren tausend Jahren. 8 europäische Länder haben das heißeste Jahr seit Wetteraufzeichnungen hinter sich. #GlobalWarming #muc0405
2024-05-08 17:51:48

April 2024 was warmer globally than any previous April on record, with an average surface air temperature of 15.03°C, 0.67°C above the 1991-2020 average for April and 0.14°C above the previous high set in April 2016.
#globalwarming #ClimateChange

Maps showing anomalies for world and Europe. Strikingly warm in east Europe.
2024-04-30 21:32:13

April was the 9th warmest on record, here in the Netherlands. Hardly noticed, because the first half was the warmest ever, but the second half was much cooler.
April 2024: average 10.8°C
April average 1991-2020: 9.9°C
April average 20th century: 8.2°C
#globalwarming #ClimateChange
2024-05-10 03:45:07

bad math, need better data
okay, so... the "bomb spike" is the graph of Carbon-14 relative to... C-12?
I guess I'm thrown off by units of pMC/percent. percent what?
globally: 50 tonnes
nuclear testing: 1.3 tonnes
ocean: most of it
soil/biosphere: the rest
atmosphere: 840kg
3,206,000,000,000 tonnes (CO2 in general) ... hold up I have to have my units wrong.... each ppm is supposed to be 7.82 gigatonnes and we've released 2400 gt max since 1850... does that mean it started at 806 gt CO2 in 1850 or did I mess that up?
is the graph relating a fixed baseline like 1950 or an ever changing %?
#Science #ClimateChange
also, the decrease is NOT due to decay, it's due to exchange w ocean/biosphere
like the Suess effect is just "carbon 14 gets diluted by human use of fossil fuels" (which seems depressing)
C14 is naturally produced in the stratosphere by cosmic ray neutrons at a base rate
nuclear power plants release C14 at night when plants aren't photosynthesizing
#nuclear #globalwarming #askscience
2024-05-07 02:14:01

Fascinating... Hunga Tonga had a (small) net _cooling_ effect on the climate, despite the big dollop of water vapour it injected into the stratosphere:
#climatology #GlobalWarming #ClimateChange #2023_climate_anomalies
2024-05-29 06:13:10

#Financial #TippingPoints (under #globalwarming). Useful notion that I heard only recently. Does anyone have/know of examples written up?
For example, this story from @… in @…, on #insurance losses to storms in the US Midwest:
2024-06-01 13:24:52

In May 2024, the average atmospheric CO₂ concentration at Mauna Loa was 426.9-427.0 ppm*, that's ~2.9 ppm higher than last year. A big jump again!
*) estimate based on daily values
#co2 #emissions #globalwarming

Graph showing daily and weekly values measured, fluctuating around 427 ppm last month.