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2024-06-08 08:43:32

Il y a quelques semaines Š la faveur d'un changement de disque dur, j'ai changé de dstribution Linux. Fidèle Š Ubuntu depuis mes débuts sous #Linux en 2007, j'ai découvert #Manjaro. Manjaro n'était pas du tout dans mes plans, je pensais plutôt Š Debian ou Mint. A vrai dire, j'en avais jamais ent…

Capture d'écran des résultats de la ligne de commande systemd-analyse dans un terminal : 
zsh: correct 'systemd-analyse' to 'systemd-analyze' [nyae]? y
Startup finished in 3.493s (firmware) + 6.098s (loader) + 3.354s (kernel) + 11.085s (userspace) = 24.031s reached after 11.083s in userspace.
2024-05-14 11:04:07

I recently posted about #Manjaro Plasma 6 release and how it broke some stuff. I found out why SDDM broke - that happened because I was using sddm-git from AUR instead of repos. I reverted this and SDDM themes started working right off.
Next, somehow my Favorite apps have returned back to Favorites section. It might be caused by multiple pacman/yay updates I've been doing thus far.…
2024-04-27 22:30:05

Der Mensch ist ein Gewohnheitstier, das merke ich grade, da ich statt mein geliebtes Cinnamon, das Kde Plasma installiert hab. Mennooo ... wann erscheint endlich Manjaro mit Cinnamon ?
#manjaro #linux
2024-05-23 14:45:04

Man, the longer I have :nixos: #NixOS and :manjaro: #Manjaro running in parallel, the more annoyed I am by the :archlinux: #ArchLinux way, e.g.:
· Python update ⇒ all python-based
2024-06-09 21:32:42

Is anyone here successfully using #Wayland with an #nvidia card under #manjaro
I followed all steps here: