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2024-06-08 11:52:08

He< friend - I'm just back from my #MTB loop.
I cycled up a local #mountain ( #blomberg ) via the "standard route". I must admit that it won't become my favourite route 😄 even a…

A serene and picturesque scene captured from a road, showcasing a lush forest with tall trees on both sides. In the distance, a charming house can be seen nestled among the greenery. The sky above is a beautiful shade of blue with fluffy white clouds scattered across. The landscape is dominated by the vibrant colors of nature, with green grass covering the ground and mountain peaks visible in the background. The road itself is made of gravel, adding to the rustic charm of the setting. This imag…
A person is shown in the image holding a cycling computer. The device is displaying various metrics such as the current time (9:58), duration (1:49:18), distance traveled (26.6 km), average speed (14.61 km/h), maximum speed (45.92 km/h), elevation gain (619 meters), and the brand "GARMIN".

I saw some neat photo opportunities over the weekend.
#photography #spring #flower #mountain

A closeup photo of a white orchid. The petals are shiny.
A closeup photo of pink flowers on a tree branch. There are more flowers and tree branches in the background.
A photo of mountains being partially covered by snow clouds. The lighting is such that only parts of the sky are bright.
A photo of mountains being partially covered by clouds. You can see snow coming down from the clouds onto the mountains.
2024-05-09 18:58:28

Does anyone know who to contact to *loan* artifacts to the Computer History Museum in Mountain View?
#computerHistoryMuseum #mountainView #sfba
2024-04-21 09:09:22

Walking the line/ridge toward Kellenspitze, Tannheimer Alps.
#SilentSunday #LandscapePhotography #Photography

Photo of a picturesque mountain scene. A steep, grassy ridge is leading from the foreground toward a mountain pass and the vertical rocky cliffs and peaks of Kellenspitze (2238m) and Kellenschrofen (2091m) in the background. From the pass, another path is leading down the steep grassy slopes into the valley on the right. Bright sunny, blue sky and some fluffy clouds moving in and casting shadows on the peaks.
2024-05-09 06:40:53

That's a topic for me again, #FotoVorschlag "radausflug" / "Cycling trip"
As I'm a fan of #mountainbiking my trips sometimes include quite an incline. That day it was about 1000m incline. On some parts we decided to push the bikes because we were jus…

Two bicycles are parked on a dirt road in a lush green outdoor setting. The dominant colors in the image are shades of green, creating a harmonious and natural backdrop. The bicycles, one with a tire visible in the foreground, and the other with the entire cycle in the background, are the focal point of the scene. The bikes are likely used for outdoor activities like mountain biking or cycling. The image conveys a sense of adventure and leisure, with the sky filled with fluffy white clouds abov…
2024-04-22 16:46:53

#MountainMonday #RockyMountainNationalPark
Never Summer Range, from Trail Ridge Road. July 2019

Panoramic photo of the Never Summer Range of mountains in Rocky Mountain National Park, viewed from Trail Ridge Road. In the foreground there is some reddish-brown tundra vegetation, behind which is an expanse of rolling terrain with patches of snow. Across the middle of the frame is the range of mountains with lots of snow above the tree line. Above everything there are white cumulus clouds with spots of blue sky. July 2019.
2024-06-06 20:27:05

Woahhh. Almost missed today's #FotoVorschlag Bergwelten /Mountainscapes.
I wanted to share this photo again anyways 😊
It reminds me of a really great autumn day in the #mountains and a unexpected solo hike.
Such nice memories are connected with this photo. Especially as …

A stunning landscape featuring a majestic mountain range covered in a blanket of snow, with tall trees scattered throughout. The scene is peaceful and serene, with the white snow contrasting against the dark trees and clear blue sky above. The mountains in the background create a sense of depth and grandeur, while the foreground is dominated by the lush greenery of the trees. This image captures the beauty of nature in its purest form, showcasing the harmony between the snowy peaks, the verdant…
2024-04-28 04:30:55

#GraphicDesign #Ephemera A collection of vintage #MountainGazette magazine covers, an iconic outdoor publication which featured long-form editorial from storied contributors such as

Issue 45 features a serene black-and-white photo of a lake drowned in fog with a canoe at its bank.
Issue 54 features an extreme close-up photo in black-and-white of a falcon in flight. Taken from a face forward vantage point, you can see its piercing eyes and open mouth.
Issue 66 features a dramatic black-and-white photo of a person hiking a snow-covered mountain peak.

I took this photo through a car window. I thought the weird chromatic aberrations and slight lens flare were neat. #photography #mountain #写真

A photo of mountains and a grassy field. There are weird colorations due to the photo being taken from behind a window.

I took this photo through a car window. I thought the weird chromatic aberrations and slight lens flare were neat. #photography #mountain #写真

A photo of mountains and a grassy field. There are weird colorations due to the photo being taken from behind a window.
2024-06-16 07:24:10

Overwhelmed at/by Gavarnie. Unforgettable!
#SilentSunday #LandscapePhotography #Photography #Mountains

Photo of the inside of the epic Cirque de Gavarnie with up to 1500m tall rock walls and numerous large waterfalls from all sides. Because of the scale, only small sliver of sky is visible. Lush green mountain meadows on the valley floor, criss-crossed by a network of small creeks & more waterfalls. Isolated snow patches on some of the rock faces.
2024-05-05 07:09:43

The Abstract Towers of Sella, Dolomites.
#SilentSunday #LandscapePhotography #Photography #Mountains

A pretty empty and slightly bumpy high alpine mountain meadow with low grass in different shades/patches of greens and browns leading directly towards the base of the 400-500m tall Sella towers, craggy, sharp, tooth-like, vertical rock faces of characteristic dolomite, rising up to ~2600m. Gray sky. The entire scene almost feels like a minimalist landscape painting.