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2024-05-13 14:30:04

Listen to the second episode of our #TNC24 podcast -"Connecting the Planet" featuring Nick Buraglio from ESnet, who discusses #networking collaborations to support global R&E. Nick’s session at #TNC24
2024-06-13 14:41:36

I have now fully set up ipv4/ipv6 dualstack for my devices, my vps servers, and for my k8s cluster (using "public" ipv6 ranges).
Only postfix (in k8s) is currently configured to use just ipv4, since mail servers rather reject mails from ip without PTR DNS record.
#networking #homelab
2024-05-09 05:11:23

As I'm working on my #networking diagnostic script which relies on my OS abstraction layer for system information I built a number of years back, I decided it would make more sense to formally port this API up to pypi as a standalone library. (It doesn…
2024-04-20 19:34:39

Started working on the cable gutter for all the #networking and #light (#USB) cables. Started with the patch panel on the left (home office) side.
2024-05-23 22:27:56

📡 A Transport Protocol's View of Starlink
2024-05-26 18:44:29

Does anyone have experience with the HPE 1920-48G switch? I need some help with vlan routing
#networking #tech #hpe
2024-05-04 01:57:40

#Homelab #Linux #Networking
So if you are looking for a #Python