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2024-05-17 12:59:35

Some Irish primary school kids made a song and you know what, the kids are alright. They really are.
This is awesome.
2024-06-13 02:16:50

I have a dozen of things that I want to do with #pipedream, and #ifttt in the end.
2024-05-06 03:08:37

I spent some time working on @…, tonight. Fingers crossed?
If the 6am post is successful, I’m going to start moving the rest of my shit off of #Pipedream.
2024-05-03 21:17:13

If I am going to be moving @… from #Pipedream to a Python script in a docker container, I should probably do the same thing with @…, while I am at it. The original used #ChatGPT and the homelab server has #Ollama running on it. I could replace two pricey APIs at the same time.
2024-05-01 17:40:50

Ohh lord, thanks to Timeshift I recovered my openbox session in Debian.
I went to spectrwm again but didn't conviced me then when I installed again Openbox the submenu piped in right click didn't work. :(
I had have to rollback.
#debian #timeshift
2024-05-03 12:24:28

I’m rewriting @… to use a new API (because the old one doesn't work right anymore), rewriting it to be in #Python instead of #Node, and moving it from #Pipedream to a local #Docker container on my homelab machine.
You can probably expect a few articles on @… about this.