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2024-06-14 13:58:10

I am not a number. I am a #programming #meme.

You are NaN.
I am NaN.
We are not the same.
2024-06-14 13:46:34

Which are your favorite Delphi plugins?
Vote anonymously here: #programming
2024-05-14 09:08:03

Rosetta Code, a #programming chrestomathy site
2024-05-13 15:27:09

Teaching #Python folks the joys of clear and explicit object type definitions. An interesting experience...
2024-04-12 21:12:33

Actual comment I just wrote, because I'm too tired. 😫
//at most one element should remain but zero-fill all
//remaining elements *for now* because the math is hard
PS: the solution is still correct. So, right choice for now.
#programming #management

Green text on black background:

//at most one element should remain but zero-fill all 
//remaining elements *for now* because the math is hard
2024-06-12 20:10:26

Went ahead and posted the code for the NWS weather stuff to GitHub for ya @… however I'm not vouching for its quality. #python #programming
2024-06-12 02:54:52

where's the "oops, all boilerplate" frameworks?
2024-06-13 01:41:38

🎛️ What autoconf got right
2024-06-13 07:13:14

Played Font Tournament and found my preferred font for coding. Neat idea:
#programming #fonts
2024-06-12 04:44:47

The more familiar I get with #Java virtual threads, the more impressed I am by them. Yes they require a bit of care, yes the runtime/programmatic introspection story is currently hot garbage, but boy when you get it right they can give HUGE performance improvements. #Programming
2024-06-17 05:28:32

Just installed .NET 8 on Fedora. I'm super pleased at how seamless it worked. Let the ASP.NET web development commence! #programming
2024-04-12 18:29:44

RenPy is such an interesting project.
#programming #python
2024-05-13 03:34:28

Never* use git pull.
2024-04-11 17:01:38

Anyone got some C projects for me to do? I'm learning C because yes but don't know what to make lol
#C #programming #learning
2024-05-04 14:24:59

What happens, when you join two paths in a #programming language when the second one is an absolute one?
join("foo", "/bar")
returns "foo/bar" or "/bar"?
The wonderful @… wrote a great article about that y…

Better look into this BEFORE buying a car. (They're all horrible, and WE'RE ALL at risk.)
#CarSurveillance #CarHacking #Bad #Programming
2024-06-12 15:01:25

The more experience I get, the more I absolutely detest "fluent builder APIs."
They seem so slick to the person writing them, and look like a DSL in simple cases, but make even slightly interesting cases a bloody nightmare.
Stop. Just Stop.
2024-06-07 08:52:26

Today is a kind of day where I'm trying to refactor something just to end up doing `git reset --hard` and start again.
Not even 10am and I've already had to do it twice :(
#programming #refactoring
2024-05-02 20:53:52

Are there any software #testing frameworks that support testing outcomes other than PASS and FAIL? E.g. “message successfully received but content needed to be lossily reformatted”? Wondering how APIs would look like. #programming
2024-06-09 22:53:27

The #Perl #programming language core team has just released version 5.40.0! Check out the announcement:
2024-04-12 08:00:01

what's the good code ?
- easy to read
- works fast
I think that's it, what are your expectations from good code ? feel free to boost this 🤓 I want to hear what other people think on this
#SoftwareDesign #programming
2024-04-11 02:40:35

🧮 Neco: Coroutine library for C
#programming #c
2024-05-08 10:55:30

Career goals. Absolute programming badasses.
#NASA #programming #Voyager

Y'all, the world is sleeping on what NASA just pulled off with Voyager 1.

The probe has been sending gibberish science data back to Earth, and scientists feared it was just the probe finally dying.  You know, after working for 50 GODDAMN YEARS and LEAVING THE GODDAMN SOLAR SYSTEM and STILL CHURNING OUT GODDAMN DATA.

So they analyzed the gibberish and realized that it was a total readout of EVERYTHING ON THE PROBE.  Data, the programming, hardware specs and status, everything.  They realized t…
2024-04-09 09:23:23

So, my #Copilot trial just expired, and while it did cut down on some typing, it also made me feel like the quality of my code was lower, and of course it felt dirty to use it considering that it's a license whitewashing machine.
I don't think I will be paying for it, I don't think the results are worth it.
2024-05-30 15:07:43

so today I made my very first unique code snippets.....
and why the hell didnt I do that sooner?!?!
#Coding #Programming #GameDev
2024-04-13 22:41:48

#Programming update for lyric support in #Atse, my #Jellyfin on #Roku client.
We now ha…

Atse on roku showing lyrics in time for the Dead Kennedys cover of Take This Job and Shove it as the song plays.
2024-05-29 12:17:42

Ahh race conditions, the gift that keeps on giving ... sometimes. #programming #debug
2024-04-11 06:48:27

Installed neovim yesterday, i like it more than vscode. At least after i installed nvchad. Can't wait to do my first project in neovim.
#neovim #ide #programming
2024-06-05 21:00:47

Hello Everyone, I need a little Dev/programmer help. I would like to create a simple to use application for Girl Scout cookie sales. Does anyone know of a database, spreadsheet, or .csv that can be run with out a server? I basically want 10 phones/tablets to share and update a file.
#programming #girlscouts
2024-04-04 12:00:46

Better Mountain Generators That Aren't Perlin Noise or Erosion #gamedev
2024-05-06 16:54:12

Okay, this should be good enough to get things done. The file format supports monochrome and 8-bit RGB data along with static and animated images and should be fairly easy to read off of an SDcard connencted to the Arduino. Pretty happy with the result, but now I need to figure out how to properly document all of this... #programming

A screenshot of ImHex showing two files: a monochrome graphics file and an RGB graphics file.  The right-pane shows the pattern editor code for each field, and the pattern data shows the resulting data.
2024-06-03 17:23:43

So, what happened to the C `constexpr switch`? Or is the cruelty of `constexpr if` chain the point? 😕
#cpp #question #programming
2024-04-18 11:18:04

Even though I despise Python for wasting CPU cycles, I have rarely seen a CPU-limted system that was actually busy doing CPU things.
Most of the time things are only slow because GPU things like rendering and video decoding have to be done on the CPU.
#Python #Programming
2024-06-11 20:01:21

Ah, things I found interesting...
- Figuring out if there are `NaN` numbers in a Python list: `any(i != i for i in float_list)`.
- Replacing single newlines while ignoring double newlines: `"\n\n".join([i.replace("\n", ' ') for i in cool_string.split("\n\n")])`
2024-04-06 20:21:06

✒️ Xr0 Makes C Safer than Rust
#programming #software
2024-03-29 14:56:52

Narrator: It's been years. #programming #software #techdebt
2024-04-08 13:32:03

Bug hunter? The bugs don't stand a chance when he's on the case. #sharks #models #humor #programming

Close up photo of an assembled “Eugy 019” cardboard model shark.
2024-05-03 12:51:39

Code Review Comment Prefixes for Clearer Feedback
2024-06-11 18:56:19

Setup documentation for a library: "Here's 40 lines that show how to set it up in one specific way. Good fucking luck understanding what it means in order to do it any other way."
Don't let this be you.
#Java #Kotlin
2024-03-26 19:07:36

how does one start their career in #it, #programming? im studying in uni, but it does not give any practical skills, tho i can do some #java im also interested in
2024-06-05 19:43:27

Alright, I've got the maps being generated and shared via a quick `python -m http.server` command and being fronted by my `nginx` server. Everything looks good from outside the network. Now we wait for the next watch/warning to pop. #programming #python

The output of the script showing new watches/warnings being processed from the NWS API.
2024-04-04 14:21:16

RAD Studio 12.1 is now available for download at #delphicode
2024-05-23 07:07:35

I think I might start the lesson with a prayer, just so I can segue into "speaking of apparently pointless - but really deeply worthwhile - rituals, let's go over the Bubble Sort"
#CSEd #ComputerScience #Programming
2024-04-01 18:56:21

Single-letter identifiers permitted *by law* in *academic slideware*:
(high level; lots of subtlety within this framework)
#programming #teaching #education

A 2-column table with black text on alternating light blue and white background.

Column 1:

a: array
b: bool
c: char
d: double
e: enum
f: float, some function
f, g, h: some 2-3 functions
i, j, k: int, index, counter
l: long
m: lambda, method
n: size, limit
m, n: some 2 sizes, limits
o: <never>

Column 2:

p: pointer
p, q: some two pointers
r: reference
p, q, r: some 2-3 values
s: string, short, struct
t: temporary
u: unsigned, UTF encoded
v: vector
w: wide value <very rare>
u, v, w: some 2-3 v…
2024-05-24 21:13:00

Amber, the #ProgrammingLanguage compiled to #Bash
2024-04-17 17:22:46

When you have a #programming problem, and the fix is #golang, then you have two problems.
2024-03-22 07:37:36

Does anyone know if there's a way to get user info like followers, following etc of certain instances here?
#programming #api #question
2024-06-02 16:49:26

Making progress on the push notifications. Targeting Discord at the moment, but I think that the maps really help out with the information. Not satisfied with the formatting, but I'm not sure how much I want to dedicate to it. #programming #python

A Discord embed that shows a Severe Thunderstorm Warning issued by Norman OK.  It contains the Affected Areas, Description, and a map with the warning polygon.
2024-04-02 02:38:27

Programmers' worse problem in 2024...
He's right and you know it.
2024-06-09 07:15:57

After becoming pretty comfortable with web development using PHP, I think it's time to learn Laravel. Seems most PHP jobs I've been seeing want Laravel experience, and I know nothing about it. If anyone sees this who's familiar with Laravel I'd love any tips !
#programming #coding
2024-05-31 17:41:05

Okay, after a few hours of troubleshooting I've got the county and warning polygons rendering correctly. So much profanity, but it works. Aspect ratio and zoom levels also seem to work. Next up: linking the messages with the images. #programming #python

A Flood Watch set of county polygons rendered in Plotly on top of a MapBox/OpenStreetMap map  The counties are bordered in red and colored in a more transparent red.
The breakdown in `geopandas` with respect to the counties in the Flood Warning along with some troubleshooting information.
2024-03-22 18:57:28

#question of the day: utilities that crawl / document an undocumented #API?
#coding #programming
2024-05-07 08:30:37

Yesterday grug discovered website about other grug. Other grug talks complexity, e2e testing, refactoring, more topics. grug finds it interesting, grug finds it funny read, grug shares to other grugs out there. grug hopes helps other grugs out there.
#dev #development #developer #programming
2024-04-22 23:02:10

A code "improvement" I just made drastically changed the code's runtime behavior for the worse, even though the change is unrelated to the new runtime behavior.
A work Sean. 🙄
#programming #irony
2024-03-18 16:54:15

i want to go to #android developemant (#programming) cources organising in our uni by some big company. they've promised to take people with the best final project to their free trainings, from where whan can get into their team. but there is too much wishers so they had to make two te…
2024-04-25 15:44:53

Classes are not a tool for code organization.
They're a tool for problem/business definition.
Using them as an organization tool is how you get 10,000 line trainwrecks.
#PHP #Programming
2024-05-18 06:24:56

Do any other #webdevelopers get irritated when you occasionally use website builders? I mainly get annoyed at them when ik how to do something that it doesn't allow me to lol
#programming #web
2024-05-31 01:09:40

I evidently need more projects, so I've decided to setup a push system for watches and warnings from the National Weather Service. Then I decided that it would be cool if I plotted the areas and generated images for those watches/ far, things are looking pretty good from a mapping perspective, just need to tweak a few things for the webhooks. #programming

A picture of a map with the counties of a severe thunderstorm watch plotted in red.
2024-03-26 13:48:31

How many of these linguistic antipatterns are you using?
2024-05-23 19:41:16

If I didn't think testing and UIs were like oil and water this conversation would convince me of that... I'm going to add junk to my markup to make it testable, really? How do I test that checking a checkbox really changed the CSS that a third party framework just changed?
#software #programming
2024-05-09 19:42:16

Always remember the P7 rule:
Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.
#Software #Programming #Design #OOP
2024-05-18 14:28:31

Please, web app developers, consider how your users will upgrade. If your upgrade process is "remove the old one, unzip the new one", then it's not an upgrade process. It's an encouragement to never upgrade.
#PHP #Laravel