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2024-04-23 11:37:16

Good Morning #Canada
And Happy Canada Book Day to all you avid readers across the country. Canada Book Day is celebrated annually on April 23rd to promote reading and books (duh), and coincidentally on the same day as World Book Day. Here's a particularly rosy outlook, with a small sample size, on Canadian reading habits from an organization that supports the book publishing industry.
#CanadaIsAwesome #Reading
2024-02-23 04:08:40

“The act of reading aloud may benefit the reader, too: It may improve memory, cognitive function, focus and mood.”
#Books #Reading
2024-04-23 11:40:20

A lot of avid adult readers established their love of books early. Here's another survey with results and analysis on the status of reading with Canadian youth.
2024-04-19 14:43:21

In a move that can only be characterized as hubris, I completed my summer vacation reading pile!
Here’s my #reading list:
- The Mountain In The Sea by Ray Nayler
- Devil In A Blue Dress by Walter Mosley
- Spaceman Of Bohemia by Jaroslav Kalfař
- Yellowface by R.F. Kuang
- The Husbands by Holly Gramazio
- How To Invent Everything by Ryan North

Neatly stacked pile of six book. From the top to the bottom:

- The Mountain In The Sea by Ray Nayler
- Devil In A Blue Dress by Walter Mosley
- Spaceman Of Bohemia by Jaroslav Kalfař
- Yellowface by R.F. Kuang
- The Husbands by Holly Gramazio
- How To Invent Everything by Ryan North
2024-04-13 08:16:52

Next milestone reached: reading 500 days in a row #readingchallenge

Kindle Reading Insights:

138 weeks in a row
500 days in a row
2024-03-03 17:29:57

I've been reading Ray Dailo's "Principles for dealing with the changing world order" in which he charts the rise and fall of empires and kingdoms and dynasties.
The main cycle, he reckons is:
1) Winner of a war consolidates power, unites the population (often through oppression)
2) A smart cooperative equitable educated society with meritocracy means good societal progress and wide sharing of the wealth.
3) Long period of peace, building good tech and military and financial systems.
4) Leadership corrupts: Excessive debt, money-printing, inequality, financial ruin, no sense of solidarity, then a natural disaster pushes it over the edge
5) The fall: Escalating rebellions, very bad inequality, internal conflicts
6) Civil war, revolution, eventually a strong leader proves the winner and back to 1.
We in the western civilization are very clearly in the late states of this kind of cycle, and it's frankly terrifying with the weapons we have these days when it comes to a war.
The leadership is too corrupt to try and fix the inequality or invest in that well educated, equitable, cooperative society.
He explicitly agrees with Marx and implicitly with me a lot more than I'd have expected from the rabid capitalist that Ray Dailo is.
It's interesting to hear his emphasis on inequality and how a prosperous society depends upon sharing the gains of prosperity widely. You tend to hear hyper-capitalists mostly emphasizing that capital's gains should go to capital, and Ray is certainly suggesting the opposite here. That if that happens, it corrupts the leadership and ends with cronyism and debt and revolution.
We seem to basically agree what creates good prosperous peaceful civil society, and that capitalism in the Anglican world isn't doing it, and that fucked up corrupt government is why we aren't doing it.
We'd offer fairly different prescriptions though I think.
#reading #books #economics
2024-02-18 23:01:55

Issue 44: Is Being Well Read Actually a Thing? Part I - Zero to One
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2024-03-30 15:55:56

“For me, it’s not only a great escape, it’s my self-care. I don’t go out and get manicures and pedicures and massages or anything like that. My self-care is expanding my home library and reading books.”
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2024-04-03 20:07:28

Casper injects himself into my reading activity almost daily. Thankfully he's not too distracting.
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2024-01-25 00:45:49

just read: Tao Zero by Pohl Anderson
Easily one of the most epic sci-fi novels I’ve ever read; 25 men and 25 women set out on a Bussard ramjet to colonize a nearby star, an accident breaks their brakes and henceforth their answer to any problem is “go faster” so they wind up traveling further and for longer than they could have imagined…

The title page of a book with a list of other books by the same author on the left and the title and publisher on the right.  The book is being held open by a clip.
2024-01-25 13:35:52

Read "Being You" by neuroscientist Anil Seth, a book about what consciousness is and how it comes about.
A much more likely story than the previous best book I read on the subject, Dannet's Consciousness Explained.
The theory is something like brains doing Bayesian modelling and predicting, conscious actions are the brain predicting what it will itself do.
It is now the book I'd recommend for anyone asking what consciousness is and not wanting religious woo in answer.
#reading #books #consciousness #science
2024-03-25 15:45:29

Bookworm Earworm!
#AI #Music #Song #BolesBooks #Reading
2024-03-27 13:55:18

Read James OBrien's "How They Broke Britain" in which he names the ten people he blames most for how screwed up everything is now and dedicates a chapter to each of their various corrupt shenanigans.
A fairly brief and bitter read, the villains here are mostly indeed villainous and their corruption and malevolence is clearly described.
Have some issues with his chapter on Corbyn and the lack of any confutation of OBrien''s own bit-part role in the mass smearing of Corbyn and the Labour party during his time, but it's certainly true that Corbyn (and more importantly the reactions to him) was a big part of the whole processes that lead Britain to the terrible situation it's in now.
Felt like I already knew just how terrible all these people are but probably a good summary for anyone who's clueless and wants to understand how we broke this country.
#books #politics #ukpol #reading
2024-03-25 15:45:29

Bookworm Earworm!
#AI #Music #Song #BolesBooks #Reading