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2024-04-22 13:42:03

2022 retro-link! - Finding a second bug in glibc’s condition variable with TLA .
2024-06-15 14:52:03

NYT publishes purported draft of Ukraine-Russia peace treaty from 2022:
2024-06-13 06:03:37

Russian forces ‘deliberately starved’ Ukrainians in Mariupol, new report claims | The Independent
2024-06-07 11:00:03

Our project ADA Bayern is all about solving real problems in the public sector through team work, with the help of easily usable cloud infrastructure, and most importantly by learning from each other.
Our role is to bring in the data skills, the public servants bring the expertise of their field.
Currently we are looking for new problems to solve. Read more in this week's newsletter post.

Solve problems, Team Work, Cloud, Learn from each other

Portrayal of character in Steve Coogan’s film is defamatory, UK judge rules
The portrayal of a former university official in Steve Coogan’s film about the discovery of the remains of Richard III is defamatory, a high court judge has ruled.
Richard Taylor, a former deputy registrar at the University of Leicester, is suing Coogan, the production company Baby Cow and the distributors Pathe.
He claims the 2022 movie The Lost King shows his character, played by Lee Ingleby, beh…
2024-05-13 00:58:03

Time For 9 o'clock #HashTagGames hosted by @…
Oh yeah, Mother's Day and National Limerick's Day fall on the same day this year. Let's play!

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Every Night, 9PM EST, (6PM PT / 1AM GMT / 2AM CET / 12PM AEDT / 2PM  NZST)
Proudly hosting daily games since November 16, 2022
2024-06-13 03:26:07

🔊 #NowPlaying on BBCRadio2's #OwainWynEvans
The Belle Stars:
🎵 Sign of the Times
2024-05-03 13:10:39

What to expect from Apple's May 7 event: new iPad Pros, possibly with M4 chips, updated iPad Air and Pencil, but AI features may not get a "formal unveiling" (Mark Gurman/Bloomberg)…
2024-06-09 10:00:02

The inner working of parquette/arrow data in R: #rstats
2024-06-07 16:48:13

The fucking gall..

Among the key planned investments is the MTA’s focus on expanding transit accessibility for people with disabilities, following a 2022 settlement of class-action lawsuits that requires 95% of all subway and Staten Island Railway stations be equipped with elevators or ramps by 2055.

“Governor Hochul proudly claimed credit for the settlement,” a group comprised of five disability-rights groups said in a statement Thursday. “We need those elevators and other essential transit projects to move f…
2024-05-15 13:25:04

Additionally, a study featured in the "Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology" (2022) demonstrated Omega-5's ability to improve skin hydration, elasticity, and overall appearance. This suggests that incorporating Omega-5 into your skincare routine can lead to healthier, more radiant skin. #SkinHealth #Beauty
2024-06-03 08:39:20

2. Jahrestag des Unglücks von Burgrain
Am 3. Juni 2022 entgleiste bei Burgrain an der Bahnstrecke München - Mittenwald eine Regionalbahn mit verheerenden Folgen: Fünf Todesopfer und viele Verletzte waren unter den Fahrgästen zu beklagen. Noch immer liegt kein finaler Unfallbericht der Bundesstelle für Eisenbahnunfalluntersuchung (BEU) vor. Dass der Zustand der Infrastruktur ursächlich beteiligt ist, dürfte auch angesichts der danach eingerichteten Langsamfahrstellen ...
2024-05-02 20:46:54

I’m reviewing the 2023 State of the #Climate report
I am just struck again (yes - intellectually I knew this) that my teen kids’ whole lives have only been hottest years.
It’s scary.
ERA5 (European reanalysis dataset version 5) top-ten Temperature anomaly years
Rank Year Global_Temperature_anomaly (℃) vs 1991-2020 baseline
1 2023 0.60
2 2016 0.44
3 2020 0.43
4 2019 0.40
5 2017 0.34
6 2022 0.30
7 2021 0.27
8 2018 0.26
9 2015 0.26
10 2010 0.13
2024-05-02 13:34:54

Dak Prescott ‘super excited’ to have Ezekiel Elliott back with Cowboys
2024-06-07 13:03:52

Ukrainians' trust in Zelensky decreasing but still high, survey shows:
2024-06-02 13:43:19

"The interpretation of neuroimaging is the most difficult and contentious part; in a 2020 study, 70 different research teams analyzed the same data set and came away with wildly different conclusions."
2024-05-28 10:16:54

#Lees Menno ter Braak, Het Nationaal Socialisme als Rancuneleer, met een inlyvan Bas Heijne. Deze uitgave: Prometheus, 2022.
Het is hier de laatste tijd al vaker langsgekomen en dat is terecht. Het gaat niet over het klimaat, maar wel over de klimaatontkenners die onze wereld verder naar de ratsmodee zullen helpen.

Bovengenoemd boek, voorzijde
Bovengenoemd boek, achterzijde
2024-05-28 13:03:05

Für die CH-Blase:
Clara dos Santos Buser macht für ihre #Bachelorarbeit eine Umfrage über die Auswirkung von Sprachmodellen wie #ChatGPT auf den #Texter:innen-Beruf um herauszufinden,
2024-05-02 13:42:02

2022 retro-link! - reaches a milestone and a reckoning.
2024-05-07 08:45:19

This has been replaced.
initial toot:…
2024-06-03 07:00:07

A Multi-wavelength, Multi-epoch Monitoring Campaign of Accretion Variability in T Tauri Stars from the ODYSSEUS Survey. II. Photometric Light Curves
John Wendeborn, Catherine C. Espaillat, Thanawuth Thanathibodee, Connor E. Robinson, Caeley V. Pittman, Nuria Calvet, \'Agnes K\'osp\'al, Konstantin N. Grankin, Fredrick M. Walter, Zhen Guo, Jochen Eisl\"offel
2024-05-28 13:42:01

2022 retro-link! - Happy 10th birthday to Godbolt’s Compiler Explorer!
2024-04-29 07:13:12

Statistical theory of the broadband two plasmon decay instability
Rusko T. Ruskov, Robert Bingham, Luis O. Silva, Max Harper, Ramy Aboushelbaya, Jason F. Myatt, Peter A. Norreys
2024-05-03 06:57:53

Does Financial Literacy Impact Investment Participation and Retirement Planning in Japan?
Yi Jiang, Shohei Shimizu
2024-06-03 07:00:04

A Multi-wavelength, Multi-epoch Monitoring Campaign of Accretion Variability in T Tauri Stars from the ODYSSEUS Survey. I. HST FUV and NUV Spectra
John Wendeborn, Catherine C. Espaillat, Sophia Lopez, Thanawuth Thanathibodee, Connor E. Robinson, Caeley V. Pittman, Nuria Calvet, Nicole Flors, Fredrick M. Walter, \'Agnes K\'osp\'al, Konstantin N. Grankin, Ignacio Mendigut\'ia, Hans Moritz G\"unther, Jochen Eisl\"offel, Zhen Guo, Kevin France, Eleonora Fiorellino…
2024-05-28 13:42:01

2022 retro-link! - Happy 10th birthday to Godbolt’s Compiler Explorer!
2024-04-29 07:13:11

Prediction of Performance and Turbulence in ITER Burning Plasmas via Nonlinear Gyrokinetic Profile Prediction
N. T. Howard, P. Rodriguez-Fernandez, C. Holland, J. Candy