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2024-01-29 08:26:23

Online anonymity: study found ‘stable pseudonyms’ created a more civil environment than real user names 
'What matters, it seems, is not so much whether you are commenting anonymously, but whether you are invested in your persona and accountable for its behaviour in that particular forum. There seems to be value in enabling people to speak on forums without their comments being connected, via their real names, to other contexts.
...calls to end anonymity online by forcing pe…

Nikki Haley was swatted in December, records review shows
Swatting has become a prolific tool of political #intimidation in recent years as people respond to inflammatory rhetoric.
Newly reviewed records show that presidential hopeful Nikki #Haley was the target of a swatting incident in late December whe…
2023-12-29 08:36:29

RT @Rainmaker1973 :
A pyramidion used to be the uppermost piece of an Egyptian pyramid or obelisk. It was generally made of diorite, granite, or fine limestone, then covered in gold or electrum. Very few pyramidia have survived into modern times. This is the one originally on the Pyramid of Amenemhat III at Dahshur now at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

un média posté par le compte Twitter
2024-02-27 20:52:47

Also weil das bisher niemand in den Medienberichten zusammenzupuzzlen scheint: Wegen Daniela Klette, es gab da letztes Jahr einen Podcast. Der hatte einen Hinweis auf sie aus dem Umfeld von Anonymous, aber das war vermutlich ein Fehlalarm. Aber der hat dann weiterrecherchiert und jemand mit einer Internet-KI-Bildersuche nach ihr suchen lassen. Und hat sie damit wohl gefunden.
2023-12-29 10:49:24

Advice on building your own ecosystem in this newly fractured social media world

Fish and anemone for no reason
2024-01-29 07:52:14

Selbst in der kleinen fränkischen Gemeinde #Neuendettelsau mit ca. 8000 Menschen haben rund 500 Anwohnende ihr Mittagessen verschoben, um „5 vor 12“ geschlossen gegen Rechts zu demonstrieren.
2024-01-28 11:00:08

email_eu: Email network (EU research inst.)
An email network (anonymized) from a large European research institution, collected from October 2003 to May 2005 (18 months). Each node corresponds to an email address, and a directed edge exists between nodes i and j, if i sent at least one message to j.
This network has 265214 nodes and 420045 edges.
Tags: Social, Communication, Unweighted

email_eu: Email network (EU research inst.). 265214 nodes, 420045 edges.
2024-01-29 10:15:20

Anamanaguchi - The C R T Woods [Rock]
2024-01-26 17:48:31

RT @archeohistories :
Capstone (Pyramidion) of the Black Pyramid at Dashur (1850 BC), also known as Pyramid of King Amenemhat III (1860-1814 BC), 12th Dynasty during Middle Kingdom, ancient Egypt. It was discovered in 1900 AD, during archaeological excavations, by then-director of Department of Antiquities Gaston Maspero, on the east side of pyramid of Amenemhat, a grey block was found sticking out of the sand, which, upon closer inspection, was decorated with beautiful inscriptions. Af…

un média posté par le compte Twitter
2024-01-29 09:52:46

Anamanaguchi - Endless Fantasy [hyperpop]