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2024-01-25 17:04:01

5 Uses of #Lambda Functions in #Python

Almost everyone is sure that the Kremlin chief will continue waging war. However, their assessments of what goals he is currently setting for his “special military operation” differ.
One “faction” of interlocutors suggests that following the setbacks Ukraine has recently been suffering in the front line, Putin perceives Ukraine’s weakness and is prepared to escalate efforts towards a “decisive triumph” – taking Kyiv, for example.
Such a move would likely entail further mobilization…

President Joe Biden is supporting Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte to become the next NATO secretary general, a U.S. official said Wednesday.
Biden’s support is likely to sway more allies to get on board with Rutte’s nomination, after months of jockeying between him and several other European leaders for the job. The U.S. official was granted anonymity to reveal the president’s support on a matter he hasn’t backed publicly.
Rutte has a ways to go before any decision is made. Under…