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2024-01-27 19:00:05

Hey friends! This is the winter feeling I really love. To be honest, for each shot I have to decide whether I make a bright or a dark version of it.
What do I want to express? A cold, frosty vibe? A pure look? A dark, cold one? This is the type of creativity that I so love in the #photography process.
And in the end, I hope to get a shot that resonates with me - and hopefully wit…

This is a captivating winter scene capturing the raw beauty of nature. A group of people can be seen braving the cold, walking on a snowy mountain. They are surrounded by a white expanse with the ground and trees blanketed heavily in snow, indicating a recent blizzard or winter storm. The trees around them are mostly spruce, fir, and pine, some of which are so heavily laden with snow that they resemble Christmas trees. The sky above is a stark contrast to the white landscape, adding depth to th…
2023-12-26 18:02:45

Zaluzhnyi says Ukrainian troops remain in north of Marinka:
2024-01-22 04:10:35

Filing: Terraform Labs, co-founded by Do Kwon, files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the US, listing assets and liabilities both between $100M and $500M (Suvashree Ghosh/Bloomberg)
2023-12-19 08:37:58

A volcano on the Reykjanes peninsula in southwest Iceland erupted late on Monday night, following weeks of intense earthquake activity. Webcam footage captured the moment of eruption, which the country had awaited.
The eruption began around 22:17 local time following a series of small earthquakes at around 21:00, Iceland's Meteorological Office reported.
2023-12-21 19:30:58

Rudy Giuliani files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in New York after defamation case (Washington Post)
2024-02-27 08:21:26

This has been replaced.
initial toot:…
2023-12-21 03:18:41

Well #murderbot fans, I just got hold of the print book, and since I haven't seen anyone else share this little detail... if you read the online, free, first three chapters of System Collapse as found on, you have read the first 65 pages of a 243 page book. So, it's a head-start on when you get hold of your own copy. Enjoy!
2024-01-15 10:56:31

« Je ne veux pas aller plus avant sur le terrain de la vie personnelle et de la vie privée » Fragilisée, la ministre Oudéa-Castéra demande de « clore » le « chapitre des attaques personnelles »…

un média posté par le compte Twitter
2024-01-14 17:48:13

This, by @… in the New Yorker, captures a lot of the feelings that many of us have about our lives online:…

Coming of Age at the Dawn of the Social Internet

Online platforms allowed me to cultivate a freer version of myself. Then the digital world began to close off.
By Kyle Chayka
January 13, 2024